Stone Soup Mondays: Your Favourite Blog Posts of the Week

The reality is that we all read these great posts during the week. We Stumble them, we Tweet about them, we even write a blog post in our own space responding to the ideas we read. I'd like to take a moment each week to gather up the best reads of the week -- from last Sunday to this Monday. In other words, this ongoing, weekly thread is a receptacle for all those great posts you read on the Internet and want others to read too. ...more
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Ten Great Gifts for a Grandchild's First Christmas

This will be Johnny Mac Pippin's first Christmas and I'm tempted to bombard him with presents. Except, he'll only be seven months old and won't have the first clue about what the heck's going on. Then again, his parents WILL and I'd like to help them have an awesome holiday since they're so far from home. So -- bombard them with presents, I will. But what to buy, what to buy... ...more
Great List Here Denise Thanks for sharing this Wonderful list for the season God Bless Phil more

New Ways to Earn Money From Your Influence: With BlogHer Economy 2012+

At the closing keynote of the BlogHer '12 conference Saturday, Elisa, Jory (in absentia) and I announced that from 2009 to 2011, BlogHer Inc. has paid out $17 million to 4,250 women—and men!—who write blogs and are influential in social media. We are so proud to have been able to make a real difference in your lives during a recession economy—and to announce even more opportunities to support yourself with BlogHer—starting today!...more
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Ether Books

Author, poet, freelancerFor those looking for a great little addidtion to their strolling lives, I've added a quick post to Claudsy's Blog. Ether Books is a publisher that provides short stories, serials, poetry--all things compact--for reading on the iPhone. My post today is a shameless promotion of my newly released story, "Destiny's Decision." This small fantasy is something to get the mind thinking. Enjoy it, all....more
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Illiteracy and Current Numbers

Author, poet, freelancerThe newest numbers are out by the government on the growing problem of illeteracy in this country. As I watch reports roll in on the concern of rising cost of higher degrees and college life, I'm reminded of my own second round of university life.When life handed me more than a bushel of lemons, I knew that a better education was needed for any future I might have. Going to college at 30+ years old isn't easy for anyone. Trust me on this one....more
A serious thought on illiteracy. We need to think about it very seriously, the time is up its a ... more