Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

I had this first time here in Malaysia at a Mexican restaurent and instantly fell in love with this gorgeous looking mushrooms filled with Mexican rice. It taste so good with salsa verde and gucamole....more

Spaghetti with white sauce

Pasta is one of the greatest gift from Italy to the world. I love eating different kind of pastas, but pasta with Alfredo sauce is my all time favorite. My recipe is the low cal version of Alfredo sauce and the quick one, it takes only 5 min to cook once the pasta and other ingredients are ready. Hope you like it....more

Maharashtrian Upma (Microwave) from MyWayToCook

Upma is the one of the most popular breakfast in Maharashtra and North India .  And also the the fastest breakfast you can make in Microwave . So here is my recipe ...more