Living 'Plastic Free' with Beth Terry

Beth Terry makes a valiant effort in living a life with little or no plastic - no small feat in today’s disposable world. Furthermore, she's made it her life mission to help others do the same....more
What a cool idea for a book and what an incredible task of taking on a life of no plastic. I'm ... more

Scalloped Edge Jean Cut Off Shorts

[Editor's Note: Here in Texas I can hardly bear the thought of putting on a pair of blue jeans. Summer heat makes the idea of taking a pair of scissors to your favorite jeans seem like a completely rationale thing to do. I’ll be the first to admit scrappy Daisy Dukes with fringe flying is not a great look for me. However, if my jeans were cut off with a decorative scalloped edge I might be more into this idea. Katy from Sweet Verbena just turned me into a cut off jeans covert. I love the look of the scalloped edge on her shorts. Nothing says yours have to be this short (I know mine won’t be, I don’t want to blind anyone). Also, nothing says you have to use jeans. What about a pair of slacks? Hmmm I’m about to go take a stroll through my pant drawer with a pair of scissors in hand. - Jen]...more
Very sassy! Love these! more

Growing Your Craft Blog With Link Parties

Some of the very first advice I received when starting up my craft blog was to link up to link parties to help my blog grow. I remember thinking to myself- "what in the heck is a link party?...more
You did a great job explaining this. Thanks for the clean and clear instructions! more