Kitchen Tips - Making Cooking Easier!

Sometimes the most obvious questions are what needs to be answered.Of course, I'm referring to questions that arise in the kitchen, when you are rushing to prepare a meal, desperately chopping the seemingly endless list of ingredients, or when you've got a brain freeze and can't think of what kind of healthy foods to incorporate into a meal.Or perhaps you could never quite understand what a "negative calorie vegetable" really is all about, or why eating bananas with spots can help you prevent cancer....more
@Felicia Lim They are nothing but tears ;)more

100+ Easy Recipes for Busy People!

Sometimes when I sit down in a restaurant, all I want is the menu.Enough of all the seasonal fluff and marketing, or all-in-one executive menus. Bring me the real stuff, the entire list of options, and I'll be happy as a possum to be able to decide on my own what is right for me. I don't like it when waiters try to stuff your face with all the newest, most expensive dishes of the restaurant, and I think I know my preferences better than the guy taking my order does....more
 @Darcie Hello!! now you have an entire list to choose from for breakfast, lunch & dinner!more

Crema a las Naranjas y Mandarinas (Orange Cream Dessert)

A dessert worth every ounce of energy used.I have to admit that whenever I volunteer to cook in Pelusa Molina’s cooking class, I tend to choose recipes which seem relatively easy or at least not require a crazy amount of ingredients. This was precisely why I volunteered to make dessert – a cream made of oranges and mandarin oranges – because it sounded easy and quick....more
It looks delicious!more

Top 10 Golden Favourite Recipes

 Here’s a list of favourite and most-viewed recipes on my site over the past month.I’d thought I’d share them with you, so you have an ever-ready shortlist of dishes you can whip up anytime : ) Just click on the link of the pictures of the dishes you like and viola! You have the recipe and step-by-step picture guide in your hands!...more
 @Felicia Lim I love brussel sprouts!more

The Joy of Cooking..

Over the past few months, I've fallen passionately and unintentionately in love with cooking. I realised over the weekend, after watching Julie & Julia (for the second time), that it's the joy and thrill of cooking that keeps me going back to the kitchen, to bake another pound cake, or another batch of chocolate-chip cookies, or just to a no-bake lemon cheesecake....more

Rose Without Thorns :: Art Gallery (by Felicia Lim)

Hi guys! I've been painting for the past one year, but only recently did I decide to set up a space for my paintings! I use acrylic paint, and have a small but growing collection of landscape and abstract paintings! I also have a page where I blog about my inspirations. Enjoy! Check it out: Thanks for your support! Xoxo,Felicia...more

Cooking up a Storm, Dish by Dish

Hi fellow bloggers,I'm new to this community and just wanted to say hi.I'd also like your support on my growing cooking site, which chronicles my learnings in the kitchen and has a selected compilation of recipes that are easy to use and understand.Cooking up a Storm, Dish by dish ( and thanks for your support!Felicia...more