Is Technology Destroying Your Relationships?

I read an article recently saying that Facebook is making us lonely. In typically alarmist fashion, the piece opened with the grim image of Yvette Vickers, a former Playboy Playmate, found mummified in her L.A. home, bathed in the creepy glow of her computer screen. Forensic pathologists estimated she'd been dead for a year when she was discovered. The message of the article was clear: no matter how many people we connect with online, we're all going to die alone. ...more
This post dose make me think as well, as an Internet Marketer~ I spend my work hours on the ... more

The Date Rape Story I'll Some Day Share with My Daughters

When I awoke that bright spring morning of March 21st, 1986, in a pensione in Venice, Italy, I didn’t expect the day to end on a dark, deserted beach with a boy I'd just met pinning me to the ground hissing in my ear that he had "un coltello" (a knife) and that "ho intenzione di ucciderti" (he'd kill me) if I didn't "f--k" him. ...more
Dear Shannon, Your story is definitely  moving~ I to have been through the awful experience of ... more