Autism Is No Excuse? Really?

Honestly, I don't give a fig about strangers judging how I parent my autistic son. I know I'm doing my best with all three of my kids, and am also constantly learning from my mistakes. Plus Leo has the same right to be in public as anyone, as long as (like anyone) he's not being disruptive. If he's having a hard time, there's always a good reason, and we move on. What I do care about is how strangers respond when Leo needs accommodation. And last month, when I reluctantly pulled out the autism card to ask if Leo could jump the queue for a public restroom, a stranger lectured me on how autism did not justify my request, and that furthermore I was teaching my son bad behavior by asking for special treatment. Yeah. How's that autism awareness working for you? ...more
Thank you so much for sharing.  I so feel your pain.  Nothing is harder, I have found, than ... more

What The Doctors Didn't Mention

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose." - Romans 8:28 ...more
What a wonderful post! The blessings of a child (or w/ me 2) with autism far outweigh the ... more

How Roof Rats & Hamlet Taught Me to Give Up Competitive Mothering

I looked from my wide-eyed, semi-panicked children to my husband who was shaking his head. “So wait,” I said to him. “You wanted me to haul my big old self under the deck to fetch a rat trap and let that freaking roof rat go free?” I questioned Russ, thinking he was appalled by Dr. Jekyll’s drink-the-Kool-Aid solution to our problem. “No,” he said gently. [Let the record state that he knew he was dealing with a pregnant woman and thus he spoke his words very gently.] “It’s just that while I was in my office working on some very big deals, you were here going toe-to-toe with rodents. It’s kind of funny.” He hit on something that had been pecking away at me for some time....more
Amazing post!  Love your writing.  I also love that you addressed a topic that many moms ... more

Summer Can Suck It

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I hate summer. I know that makes me seem weird, but I just do. I live in a very hot state and I’m miserable whenever I’m outside in 90 degree plus temperatures. Plus I can't stand the unstructured-ness of the kids being home from school. I wish I wasn't such a malcontent and no fun, so what can I do to get through the summer without being crabby? Signed,Summer Grinch...more
Summer is cool for the first week or two that school is out... and then the reality of your ... more

A Grasshopper, a Friend & the Mom Who Wanted Everyone to Shut Up!

Oh, shut up. That nasty little phrase can be on the tip of my tongue all day. Like a Tic Tac, a nasty milk-sour one, that just won't dissolve. I long to blurt it at everybody. Even the dumb squirrel pausing in the middle of the road, paws in air as if to make some terribly poignant point, so I must swerve to avoid smearing its bushy grey existence across the pavement. The too-eager restaurant water kids who can interrupt my own poignant point to ask if they can top off my water glass: Oh, shut up. ...more
Wonderful narrative on a situation that we have all experienced as moms... anyone who swears ... more

Before Autism

Before Autism touched my life, I considered myself the kind of mother who pretty much had it together. Before Autism, I worked a full-time executive position, where my obsessive and control freak tendencies served me well. My three children were used to the daily routine of full-time school or daycare. Weaning, potty-training, bedtime issues, discipline, those were things OTHERmothers struggled with, for me it never seemed like a huge deal....more
I truly enjoyed reading your post, and I completely understand your situation.  I have twin ... more

"It's Not Fair to the Normal Kids." Are You Kidding Me, Lady?

I told her that my son has autism and she responded, "oh, my nephew is autism." Yes, she said it like that -- should have been my first clue. She continued: "They try to stick him in with the normal kids, but I just don't think it makes any sense. It's not doing ANYONE any good having him with NORMAL kids...." ...more
People can be so insensitive!  I have twin girls on the spectrum, and sometimes--like you-- I ... more