Lobster and Puff Pastry: An Easy, Delicious, Holiday Appetizer

Lobster seems to be one of those rarefied experiences that we reserve for only the most special occasions. In fact, I think we often overlook its potential because we assume that it is out of reach…a crazy indulgence. While it is certainly an indulgence, it can be a really wonderful addition to a holiday party, and as an appetizer, a little can go a long way. ...more
Thanks, Genie. It is delicious. I'll be the first to say that it would be spectacular to make it ... more

My Blog Got Stolen... And This is How I Got it Back

My food blog got hijacked. Hijacked, like a plane. Like a stagecoach in the Old West. You heard me right. Hackers stole my domain, thehungrymouse.com, and from mid-March to mid-May, I had absolutely no control over it. I just got it back. If you haven't heard of domain theft before, it sounds crazy. After all, domain names are pretty intangible and live in cyberspace. But, domain names are a commodity, and are subject to theft just like other property. That is, if someone can figure out how to pull the rug out from under you. ...more
Thank you thank you thank you! Very good ideas. I'm so sorry you were hijacked, but thanks for ... more