The Truths No One Tells You About Marriage

There is this dirty little secret about parenting and marriage no one ever tells you: This life is not always filled with fluffy kittens and balloons....more
Just saw that you have 8 boys. Wow! Kudos to you and all you are doing. That is HARD work !!! more

The Truths No One Tells You About Marriage

There is this dirty little secret about parenting and marriage no one ever tells you: This life is not always filled with fluffy kittens and balloons....more
I feel your pain as I have been there. You probably have it harder than I did because my husband ... more

Desperately Seeking My Sex Drive!

Here's the thing... Few people seem to be writing specifically about sex and life of women approaching 50, at 50, or even after 50. That can't be right; other women must be dealing with sexual stuff at this age, right? Well, I've given up looking and decided to write about it. Maybe someone else will read this and think, "Hey...look. At least one other person on the planet gets this craziness!"...more
Have your hormones checked by someone who prescribes bio-identical hormones. Once on estradiol, ... more

Please Don't Talk To Me While You're Squeezing My Breasts

No, I don’t mean my husband. (This isn't that kind of story.) I do mean you, Ms. Mammogram Technologist. ...more
I haven't ever had a mammogram and hopefully, never will. I am over 50. There are other things ... more

Jailed for a Facebook Comment

Justin Carter, 19 years old, is in jail for a Facebook comment. ...more
Context::  "Justin, then 18, and a friend were arguing on Facebook with someone else over the ... more

The Truth About Combined Finances

 This whole “what’s mine is yours” concept seems all la la la and fairy dust and stuff, but in reality I find it’s more like, “I would like to share, but at the same time, this sucks a little bit too.” My husband and I have been together for nine and a half years, married for almost three, and we are STILL getting the hang of this combined finances thing.Why? Because it’s not a teddy bear’s picnic--it’s real life. ...more
Been married for 27 years and we've always combined our money, didn't matter if both worked or ... more

Nie Asks: Do You Have Gray Hair?

If I look close enough at this picture, I feel like I can see gray hairs. Do you have any grays? When did you get your first? How old were you? What are your thoughts about gray hair? Tell me; I want to know! ...more
I'm 53 and more and more grey hairs seem to be popping up every day. I feel I'm too young to ... more

The Scary World of Vitamin Supplements

There has been a lot of debate this week on the effectiveness of vitamin supplements.  Growing up, that bottle of fruit-flavoured, crunchy, chewable vitamins was always on the kitchen table in the morning, and frankly, it was the closest thing we got to candy-for-breakfast so we gobbled them down.  For a short period of time, I gave them to my twins.  A few years ago, the pediatrician said they weren't necessary when she looked at their varied diet, and I stopped giving them to the kids. ...more
Not sure why you think the "world of vitamin supplements" is scary. One just needs to do some ... more

Sleep Is Highly Overrated Anyway Why in the world do women keep so many secrets from other women? We are supposed to be a sisterhood. None of you told me what would become of my bladder after childbirth. No one told me that almost the exact day that you turn 40, your once supple face, begins to exhibit a slight sag.  No one told me how hard it would be to maintain my weight after 40. AND no one prepared me for how hard it would be to sleep. That's just cold, Man. I understood that when I had a baby I would spend many months trying to get her to sleep through the night....more
Ah, 40. (for some even women before that)That's when the hormones start dropping off and things ... more

If You Had To Choose: Sex or Love?

When it comes to motherhood and a career, there’s already a debate as to whether we can have it all. But what I want to know is, can we have it all when it comes to relationships? I used to think so, because when you’re young you’re taught that anything less is settling. However, after years of dating in the real world, I’ve realized men who have it all don’t exist, except for on shows like The Bachelor, and we all know how well those relationships work out. Subsequently, I find myself wondering, am I asking too much from my partner? ...more
Wow, don't know where to start. Having been married 27 years to the same guy, I can tell you ... more