Life After An Eating Disorder: No, You Can't Have A Bite!

This wasn't the only time I had gotten territorial about my food. This weird instinct has been one of the harder aspects of my disordered eating to kick. It's only been in the last year or so that I haven't felt that hot flush of anger and fear whenever anyone tried to eat my food or offered to split a dish with me at a restaurant. This is a story of how I modified my behavior. ...more
I also used to have an eating disorder and anxiety about food-sharing is one of the remnants of ... more

Baby Rebellion

It appears as though a baby rebellion may be on the horizon ...more
 @victorias_view Haha! He definitely cracks us up! more

Brought to You by the Letter "H"

The large majority of blogs I read are full of posts about crafts. Soooo many of you out there in the blog world are into crafting and are showing off your projects along with tutorials about how to make them. And much of the time, these are the parts that I am skipping over. Sorries. A part of me is like, who the heck are all these women who have all this time to spend making wreaths and coasters and picture frames and goodness knows what else? ...more
 @victorias_view Hahaha! Yeah, and I'm sure some girls' nights will help get me there! more

Cool Tools for Updos!

Summer is basically upon us, and for a lot of us ladies that means we will be rockin' ponytails for the majority of the next three months or so. Personally, I like to wear my hair down most of the time and I usually curl the ends with a curling iron. My hair is crazy thick, so this looks usually tends to have a decent amount of volume and I like it a bunch....more
 @NicoleTableFor4 My hair is really really thick, so that does make a big difference. One of my ... more

Miss Mare's Comments on Miss Representation

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Miss Mare's Comments on Miss Representation

 @Bad Luck Detective Thanks! I agree that we need more real women and we need to be supportive ... more

Miss Mare's Comments on Miss Representation

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Is this what it's like to be a model?

So, a couple of weeks ago Kevin and I got to be models for a day. In other words, we had our engagement photos taken. I really do love engagement photos in general. Sure they can be a little cheesy and disgustingly lovey-dovey, but overall I am a huge fan. Naturally, Chicago is a great place for pictures. We've got a stunning skyline, a fantastic downtown area and dozens of unique and wonderful neighborhoods. We chose to have our pictures taken in the Bucktown/Wicker Park area, known for its artsy appeal and a plethora of restaurants and bars....more
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