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Take It AwayI just walked in the rain last night to burn off food calories. Little did I know that I would need to take another walk to burn off more calories.What kind of calories, you say? Well, the absolutely deliciously chocolaty kind. The creamy chocolaty fudge kind....more

What's In A Name

Furry Baby...more
I like Shadow! It suits him :)more


In the past couple of weeks, I've been discussing our Westie's adoption. In case you are just joining, check out my first blog post titled "Surprised by a Westie". Or my second part of the series titled "Days Leading Up to His Adoption". ...more

Days Leading Up To Adoption

If you haven't read Surprised by a Westie, you can check it out here! It's the first in my Westie series....more
 @Isabel_Anders He's one of a kind... that's for sure!!more

The Westie Adoption Process

 The Westie Adoption ProcessI have a true TALE about our special dog. In the following posts, you will see why he is so special and how he came to not only find us, but more importantly adopt us. It is an incredible story and one that is worth the read....more