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StillA Babe

Bio, is a social network attracting, connecting and empowering “Boomer Babes” who are smashing the middle age stereotype, laughing in the face of the calendar, and bucking what society has imposed on them as age appropriate. They gravitate to other babes going through the same life stage who can relate to the challenges. They especially relate to other ‘Boomer Babes’ who know the best accessory for this life stage is a great sense of humor! There is an unspoken code between boomer girlfriends that ‘they’re in this together. With respect to fulfilling their untapped desires, “Boomer Babes” are looking for permission and inspiration to ‘go for it” now as they’ve spent most of their lives caring for others. They also 'trust' their fellow girlfriends when it comes to recommending products and suggesting opportunities.