The Importance of Friends To Help You Through Very Dark Times

As we continue to reel from the latest outrageous national tragedy in Sandy Hook, Ct. that has sunk all of our hearts I am going to take the time again today to point out the importance of 'friends' to help us all get through the tragedies and challenges life hurls at us.Besides witnessing the horrific pain of others dealing with unexpected horror, along life's path we all must deal with our own unexpected horrors as well. Individually, we wonder how we will get through them. Here's one thing that surely helps....more

In NY A Full Tank Is Now Better Than Sex

You Know Life's Gotten Weird When Acquiring A Full Tank Of Gas Gives You The Biggest Thrill Of Your Day. Welcome to New York Kids Where Having A Full Tank Of Gas Is Now The Measurement Of True Success. Having A Full Tank Is Officially (hopefully temporarily) Better Than Sex.

Me & The Aunts & 3 Hot Young Italian Tenors

These Three Are Unbelievable! And the Three Italian Tenors Known As 'IL Volo' Weren't bad either. LOL. We caught their act at The Westchester County Center in White Plains, N.Y.If You Don't Know About "Il Volo" You Don't Know About The Hottest Act On the Planet Right Now! Just Ask Barbra Streisand because she's now dragging them everywhere with her. ...more

October 2012 - The Month of Action & New Beginnings

Are you feeling restless, agitated or experiencing the urge to take action? October is the 1 energy; the pioneering, trailblazing number of new beginnings. As the number representing the beginning of a new cycle, October is a month of continued high change as we make our way from the highest change month of the year: September (9)....more

It's World Pasta Day! Dough Not Miss It!

On October 25th of each year, the world over, World Pasta Day is celebrated in the form of events and promotional initiatives in different countries of the world. The objective of World Pasta Day is to draw attention of the media (hello here we are) and consumers ( hello here we are again)... to Pasta! Now On To The Meaning Of Your Favorite Pasta Shapes! There are over 600 Known Pasta Shapes...more

Tony & Jade 'Sittin In A Tree' K.I.S.S.I.N.G 4 Yrs! Thanks To ME & Janis Spindel America's #1 Matchmaker

Four years ago I took Tony Dilluvio (on the bike) As My Wingman To #1 Matchmaker, Janis Spindel's Cocktail Event In NYC.  Acting as his 'lust agent' I Hand Picked Lovely Jade (on the back of the bike) from the pack of women swarming him. Today they celebrate 4 years of fun together. They call me all the time to say Hi! And TODAY they will be on my radio talk along with Janis Spindel!

New Daily Radio Voyage On Columbus Day

Didn't Plan It Intentionally But My New 4 Day A Week Radio Show Sets Sail Today On Columbus Day. Much Like the ride on The Nina,The Pinta and The Santa Maria...It's Sure To Be An Adventure! Goodness Knows What I'll Discover. "Mo" Our Joke babe here is on board too. And YOU my fellow babes are welcome aboard whenever you want. Email me at to discuss a guest appearance. Ahoy!...more

You Look Great For Your Age! Thanks (I Think?)

Confident, secure people know that it takes nothing away from them to give someone a real compliment without a last minute unnecessary negative tag on....more

My Radio Guests Today Are All About Comedy So If You Don't Like To Laugh Don't Tune In

My pal "Make 'Em Laugh" Author Jeffrey Gurian (far right in this shot) Joins Me On The Radio Today. His book with an intro by Chris Rock, will be in stores next week. Took him 4 years to write it with with Richie Tienken, owner/founder of The Comic Strip (on the left), who discovered Eddie Murphy and managed him for 11 years. Together they discovered Chris Rock in 1986.

Oil Blend Naturally Knocked Down Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

A special blend of sesame and rice bran oils could be a potential non-drug option for treating high blood pressure and cholesterol, according to new research reported on HuffPost Healthy Living.