Cherry The Chef


I'm a young chef/writer living and working in Melbourne, discovering new food, making yummy feasts, and finding great places to eat.

I did a wee bit of research before I started this blog, and found that there are so many food writers out there.  Some are really talented, but most of them seem to be missing the crucial thing about food.....the love. I know that sounds cheesy but really anyone who can read can cook. There is so much more to it than that tough. Its not all about the ingredients you put into a dish (although that's important to) its about the feelings you put into it.

No one want to know just what your cooking. They want to know why your cooking it. Who your cooking it for. How you felt when you made it. How you felt when you ate it. The people around you and the places it took you.

So as much as this is about food (which a lot of it is) its also about the boy I drank my first coffee with. The dinner parties I've put on for friends I love. The people that make us want to cook, because they make us want to feel. The fact that the first boy I ever kissed, was the same person who tried my first batch of croissants, six years later. Its about the wonderful food I eat when I go on terrible dates. Its about being inspired. Its about knowing when you can't sum something up in words you can express it in a flavour of jam.

I once read a quote that said "We live to go to the table, to return to the bedroom, to go back to the table." This is what I write about. The food we eat, and the people we eat it with. Its all soul. All heart. And all very yummy.