Once Again, Food Safety is an Urgent Concern

Let's get one thing straight; I love a good, juicy, flame-grilled burger, preferably with cheese. But I'm not dying for one. Unfortunately, a story in today's New York Times reveals that after years of industry self-regulation, tens of thousands of people are sickened every year by E. Coli. a bacteria commonly found in animal feces. In a small percentage of those cases, people are sickened to the point of paralysis or death....more
I produce ground beef you can trust and feel good about eating. Even at what are ... more

Earth-Friendly Art Supplies and Proper Disposal for Solvents

If you're an artist with a heart for the environment, here's a list of eco-friendly art materials that will go easy on your conscience and help you do your part to do right by the earth. Almost every art piece starts with a simple drawing, so start off with graphic pencils made by Derwent. Most pencils on the market today have a nitro-cellulose solvent paint finishing, but Derwent pencils have a UV cured coating which reduces energy consumption. ...more

I tie-dye as a serious hobby.  I've investigated many of the "natural" fabric dyes ... more

Whole Foods top list of Functional Foods

Functional Foods are defined as foods that, in addition to nutrition, offer distinct health benefits. The term usually brings to mind "added" features, such as enrichment with probiotics, omega-3's, or other components that are added through processing. ...more

I wouldn't consider homemade yogurt to be processed.  The yogurt in question is that which is ... more

A glimpse at life on our ranch

I just started a new feature on my Down to Earth blog.  Each month I will chronicle a day at our ranch; the good, the bad and the ugly. We raise registered cattle and gourmet-quality pastured Angus beef in Central Texas.  ...more

I think the dedication is not much different than running any other self-owned business.  A ... more

The latest consumer trend: Buy Nothing

Back in September,  I sat down with my boys and had a talk about Christmas.  We talked about how Christmas is a celebration of love and family.  The reason for presents is to celebrate what we have to give and to share the love and abundance we have.  So, we decided to aim for homemade or homegrown presents this year.  Little ...more

Those stories you are working on can turn out to be classic, heirloom gifts.  We did ... more

The Ex Files: Dealing With Your Ex on the Holidays

The holidays are here, which many divorced and seperated parents dread, because it can mean changes in routine, heightened emotions, and chaos for our kids. How do you survive the holidays and ideally provide a good experience for your children, and equally important, for yourself? ...more

 I finally reached peace with presents for the Ex.  I've always encouraged my boys (ages 7 ... more

Inspiring Green Resolutions?

I'm working on my list of 52 green resolutions for 2009, and I'm looking for inspiration. What one eco-friendly change has made the biggest difference in your life personally? (Something you really enjoy or take pride in.) In terms of greening your lifestyle, what do you think has had the biggest impact, environmentally? For those of us seeking education on green matters, what one resource would you suggest? What are you resolving to change in 2009? ...more

I heard this quote from someone's Grandmother as the family mantra from the Great Depression ... more

Lunchbox Safety Hits Home

We've blogged about home food safety here more times than I can count.  It hit home (literally) last night. ...more

of two brand-new insulated lunchboxes.  The boys love the reusable tie-dyed canvas lunch bags ... more

Obama Mama

A few days ago, Noah tagged along on an evening grocery store trip, just to talk to me. Let me relish in that statement for a moment: just. to. talk. Sigh. The transition back to school this year, after two blissful (at least that’s how I’m choosing to remember them) years of home education has been tough (on me). ...more

What a moving narrative! My sons are about to leave Montessori and venture into public ... more

Stage Mommy? Attempting to Avoid Pushing Kids' Activities.

After a sporadic ballet career in Twinkle Toes at two and then a serious ballet school last year at four, my daughter has informed me she wants to quit ballet.  It is breaking my heart. ...more

Because my boys' spend most weekends with their Dad, as well as each Thursday night, and he ... more