Photography Contest/Link Up! :D

Hey photog lovers of all sorts!  I am thrilled you've found yourself here!  I've been wanting to do a photo/blog link-up for awhile now.  I just recently finished teaching a basic "How to use your SLR" camera course and thought if anything, this would be a great place for the participants in that class to continue to show off their work.  :) ...more

Back To December

Yep I totally stole that from Taylor Swift. This is something I've been wanting to blog about for some time now. The actual event happened back in December. Busy with family, I never got down to writing about it. However, its something I've thought about every day since the incident. ...more
This is a great post!  I know just what you mean.  Thank you for writing this out, it helps me ...more

The Dream Jar

Cheese with a capital "C?"  Perhaps.  But follow me for a second. Do you ever think wild, semi-impossible, pipe dreams? I do.  I totally do. ...more

"Come Away With Me" (says Norah Jones)... Moms: TAKE A BREAK.

I've heard to never start out a piece of writing with the weather stats.  You know, like "It was a cold, December day..."  I don't know why that's a no-no, but I guess I'll stick to it even though my initial thought was to start out with how chilly its been... whatever. ...more

Online Photography Classes, Presented by Sugar Snap Photography!

I'm a mom of 3.  I am busy.  I have little to no time to do anything but throw my hair in a pony tail and scarf down a poptart (which I totally just did).  ...more

The Thankful Tree


When The Wind Blows

Weekend Recap: Hurricane Sandy swept the coast (well 300 miles OFF the coast) of Florida.  It's funny how the energy picks up around here during tropical storms and such.  It's a contagious, electric feel... like we're all waiting for the winds to begin.  I think we got the worst of it Friday night.  And it was indeed, insane windy.  We live in condos that can't be more than  10 years old, and I was sure it was collapsing on us Friday night.  Or at least that's what my anxiety said... ...more

Black & White Photog Tips!

This might appeal to like 10 of you... but I thought I'd post a bit about my photography background (or lack of ;) and give a tip or two.A friend (Manda) texted me this photo of one of my pictures that had been chosen in a contest a year or so ago;  with moving to Florida, I was unable to make the grand opening of the center, thus losing my chance on viewing what the judges had picked.  Here's the picture: (the models are my crazy beautiful cousins, maddie & keegs) ...more

Dear Maeve, You're 5: A Letter to My Daughter

I never thought I'd be tongue tied to write a letter to my own daughter, but here I am, alone in our room, burning the candles she and I just picked out.  "Mama this one smells like cakes!"  "Well its your birthday eve, so a cake candle would be perfect for mama's room!" We held hands tonight, walking through Target, on a mission to simply grab some milk, when I was hit.  Hard.  ...more

Good Morning: Photography Style