Randa Manning-Johnson

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Randa Manning-Johnson


A Publicist, Producer,Writer, Mentor, Business and Lifestyle Enhancement Coach.  Randa Manning-Johnson is many things to many people.  She would consider herself to be what many would call a Self Taught Renaissance Woman.  Her most cherished accomplishments would be having achieved the titles of Mother, Wife and Child of God. 

Randa was born in San Diego, California to a career driven mother and a military father.  She attended several different schools throughout her childhood before going to college and majoring in Business Law. 

She has overcome many challenges in her life which have given her the inspiration to motivate and coach others on how they too can overcome any and all obstacles that present themselves.

Randa is heavily invested in helping people discover their greatness within.  She has made it her mission to help others, inspire and motivate “You to Brand the Best You”.