US Route 6: A Travel Writer’s Dream

As with most travelers, my cross-country road trip began with a Google search.  As a freelance travel writer with a new empty nest, I was getting antsy to take an extended road trip - one that I’d daydreamed about since purchasing my first “Let’s Go USA” in high school. ...more
This is my dream trip! My family drove a portion of Route 6 from OH to PA, then picked up Route ... more

What Do You Do When Your Child Says Scary Things?

Our oldest son has always been a bit... intense. Like me, he's dramatic, and emotional, and vocal about his feelings. It's a temperament I can relate to, but when combined with the honesty of a young child, it can sometimes be disconcerting.When his younger brother became a toddler, and they participated in more active play together, they of course began to fight. And that's when it started. "I want to HURT him!" "I want to KICK him!" "I want to BITE/HIT/SCRATCH him!!!" This was not the loving brotherly relationship we were hoping for. And worse, it was scary to hear him say these things....more
I have an intense son who is now 13 and this issue hasn't totally gone away. He has quite a ... more

Stop Inviting My Kid to Church: Religion Is Not for Children

Recently, a few of Miss N's friends have been sincerely inviting her to church. This part will be touchy for people who do not believe the same as we do and I respect that; I'll raise my kids and you can raise yours. I do not think religion is for children. I think that they should be exposed to the beliefs of all people, and while I will tell my children "this is what Mommy and Daddy believe," I do not expect her to believe the same thing. I'll ask Miss N what she thinks -- and she has some really amazing thoughts on the matter -- but I will not tell her she is wrong if she disagrees with me about the big beliefs....more
Bravo! Thank you for this thoughtful post. My daughter (7) had a friend tell her "I should kill ... more

BlogHer '12 Twitter Roll Call!

Want to get to know your fellow BlogHer '12 attendees before you arrive in New York? Leave your Twitter handle and follow the others who have already left theirs so you can tweet about your conference plans.Find the official list on Twitter at

Eat One Healthful Meal Each Week

Eat healthier. Well that sounds like a disastrous, unkeepable resolution if there ever was one. What does that even mean, eat healthier? What we eat is an amalgamation of our culture and time limitations and social obligations and preferences. We can always deny ourselves foods or force ourselves to eat a dish that doesn't really appeal at all, but changing what you crave is nearly impossible. ...more

While I applaud anyone's effort to eat healthier, I think ONE meal a WEEK is a false message. ... more

Week 2: Explore and Win an iPad!

Last week we invited you to take a look around our redesigned homepage. We love the feedback you gave us and now we'd like to share some of our features beyond the homepage. And, since we are still in a jolly giving mood, this week we want to give you a chance to win an iPad! ...more

I LOVE the Sparkle feature. It seems like commenting isn't what it used to be, so the Sparkle ... more

Onward Homeschool Soldiers

This morning when I woke to work, a war was raging across the homeschool table. Nearly every plastic color block shape and cubed math manipulative we own was at attention; formed into tanks, constructed into walled fortresses, standing as tall guards, or traversing the seas. ...more

Gah. I am surfing around all these homeschool blogs that have photos of tidy, sparkling school ... more

Adult Friendships: They're Hard

One day, I will buy the entire set of I Love Lucy episodes. I do not have a lot of friends. ...more

I just wrote a post about this same topic. I didn't have friends for a long time. Just recently ... more

Technology, Motherhood and Time.

My kids are still a bit on the young-side to be utilizing many of the social tools out there themselves, so the big issue I have with technology management -- is my own.For a week in October I went on a social media "fast"… in an effort to gain perspective and purge a growing web of inboxes:    PersonalBlogTwitterSecondary BlogFacebookTertiary BlogAndwhathaveyouI need to go on another fast.

The Blogger PR Blackout - The good, the bad, and the completely puzzling

There have been any number of times that I have eagerly clicked over to my favorite personal blog, awaiting a hilarious breastfeeding story or an engaging rant about reality TV (Kelly Bensimmon, you just kill me with that orange skin!) only to find an uninspired giveaway of Consumer Package Good X. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I often wonder what the blog world would be like if everyone got back to blogging their passions, as they mostly did 3 or 4 years ago (I know, call me Granny), and away from the half-hearted marketing plugs. ...more

Great post, Liz. Honestly, I just don't get it. Why blog at all if all you're doing are ... more