8 Literary-Inspired Ice Cream Recipes for National Ice Cream Day

Ice cream is the perfect summer treat. But what can make it even more special is being able to read a favorite book, and treat yourself (or your kids) to the character's favorite ice cream afterwards. Some of these are kid friendly, and some are just for you! Here are eight ice creams inspired by our favorite books for National Ice Cream Day (July 19th). ...more

Make The Grinch's Who Hash and Delight Your Family

If you can't get the little chompers to down some leftover corned beef around Christmastime, this should do the trick. Print out the cool Who Hash label I've designed up, stick it on a container, pop out a green tablecloth, and serve 'em up, Dr. Seuss style. ...more
Animal Cubs eat humans, Humans eat Brownies. Therefore, Cubs eat Brownies. What a shame!more

Harry Potter Blog /Non Blog Hop round up for September 2014

Quick blog links...more

Creating A Quick Easy Peter Rabbit Easter Table, Two Ways

Appearing for the first time in 1902, Peter Rabbit has become a favourite theme inspiration for Easter. In this post, I've got two easy ways to set up a Peter Rabbit Easter brunch table.Pastel Blue and White Theme...more

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

The Inspiration"A large rose-tree stood near the entrance of the garden: the roses growing on it were white, but there were three gardeners at it, busily painting them red....more

Owl and the Pussycat; Quince Mince Pie

They dined on mince and slices of quince,Which they ate with a runcible spoon;And hand in hand on the edge of the sandThey danced by the light of the moon,-The Owl and the Pussycat, Edward Lear...more

Chocolat; Boeuf en Daube

And while she read her cards and muttered to herself, I would leaf through my collection of cookery cards, incanting the names of never-tasted dished like mantras, like the secret formulae of eternal life. Bouef en daube. Champignons farcis à la grècque. Escalopes à la Reine. Crème Caramel. Schokoladentorte. Tiramisu.-Chocolat, Joanne Harris...more

Mary Poppins; Strawberry Ice recipe

"Is that your medicine?" asked Michael. "No, it's yours," said Mary Poppins. "I don't want it! I won't!" But suddenly Michael understood that he could not say "no" to her. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth. "Strawberry ice," he said. "More, more, more!"-Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers...more

The Polar Express; Vanilla Almond Nougat Recipe

We sang Christmas carols and ate candies with nougat centers as white as snow.-The Polar Express, Chris Van Allsburg...more