Pregnancy After Stillbirth on National Infant Loss Awareness Day: I’m Surviving.

Today, October 15, is National Infant Loss Awareness Day.And to be perfectly honest, I don’t really know what to write about.Right now, I’m in this medium between realizing the milestones that I’m currently missing with Addison and being pregnant with our next child. It seems ironic that today she would have been eight weeks old, and I am twelve weeks pregnant with another child....more

Style and Beauty: Five Products I’ll Actually Splurge On (and a Sephora Giveaway!)

Back in the day (and by back in the day, I mean in my mid-20’s), I was concerned about finding fab make up finds like products that produced the best smokey eye, bright lip stains and glosses and yummy smelling hair products that did the job well.I also had no children, which meant lots of disposable income to spend on…me....more

A Day in the Life of a Freelance Writer / Toddler Mommy / Pregnant Lady

So, I’ve been meaning to do a “Day in the Life” video for a while, but honestly, I keep forgetting to actually film it. But if you’re wondering what an actual day in the life of a freelance blogger (slash marketing consultant) actually looks like, let me tell you, it’s nothing glamorous. It’s full of the same rushed deadlines, conference calls and crazy hectic kid schedule that you’re facing. Trust me. Want to know more? Well, every day really is pretty different. But in an ideal world, this is how my day looks:...more

Preparing for Delivery: What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Sometimes lately, I feel like I’ve been pregnant for a million years.Ok, not really a million years. But a long time. And when I really look at it, I have basically been pregnant for a year at this point – because even between losing Addison and getting pregnant again, I basically acted like I was pregnant. Because it felt wrong not to....more

I Don’t Care What You Say – I Love My Uggs.

I was reading the other day about something I’ve heard for years: Uggs are SO not fashionable, omg stop wearing them.Well, hear this person who hates Uggs: I am your nemesis.Ok, maybe not that extreme. But seriously, I love my Uggs.If you’re sitting at your computer groaning, hear me out. Because I’m guessing you’ve never survived a winter in the frigid tundra before....more

11 Weeks Pregnant: Finding Balance.

Ever since we lost Addison, my life became about finding this seemingly non-existent place of balance. It’s never been my strong suit. And I think that was really thrown in my face when we lost our sweet baby girl.And with all the changes that we’ve gone through in the last five months – and yes, she was born five months ago today – it’s felt impossible to find that perfect spot between work, life, self, gym…...more

Blogging for Money: How to Get Rich as a Blogger

I have people stop me every once in a while – usually people I know – to tell me, “I could do what you do, you know. I can write. I could be a blogger. And I would be rich.”It sounds a little bitchy, doesn’t it? But I really don’t think people mean it that way. So I tell them, “yes, you can. And here’s how you do it.” And then I lay out for them 67 different things they could do to become a famous blogger. And then they go on their way, somewhat happier that I’ve given them my secret to blogging success. And they usually don’t take my advice....more

Life After Child Loss: Stillbirth From a Mother’s Perspective

Originally, when I was connected with David from Abigail’s Footsteps, I intended to share a bit of their story and what their organization does. And then David sent me this video that they created as part of a training program for clinics and maternity wards, to help the staff understand what it’s like to go through stillbirth as parents....more

The Third Pregnancy: Being Prepared – and Taking it in Stride

Being pregnant – no matter how many kids you already have had – isn’t an easy. The truth is, every pregnancy is different. And while there are some things you can plan for, especially since you’ve already been through the whole shebang before, the reality is that pregnancy isn’t something you can plan or schedule. Every pregnancy is different, which means every pregnancy can be unpredictable....more

Blog Better: Finding Your Niche

I know a lot of people who should write blogs. I tell them all the time – you should seriously consider starting one. And their response is always the same: “I just don’t know what to write about.”...more