Ricky’s 2 Year Photo Shoot

I love our fall photo shoot. And this year is no different. A HUGE thank you to Mandi Folksfor the gorgeous photos – and here are a few to check out! ...more

Being Thankful After Losing…A Lot.

This morning, at 5:30, when my toddler woke up and needed his paci to finish that last hour of coveted sleep, a realization hit me.I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S DECEMBER....more

My Mixed Blessing Pregnancy – a Guest Post by Sarah Novak

I was one of those women who got pregnant on the first try....more

Pregnancy After Stillbirth: The Nursery is Freaking Me Out

I haven’t written about this pregnancy in a while, it feels like. And I want you guys to know…it’s not intentional.Things got really real with this pregnancy a few weeks ago when we changed out Ricky’s room from the nursery furniture to his big boy bed. Putting that big bed in his room has been awesome for him. But seeing all of the nursery furniture in what used to be our guest bedroom is really shocking, I guess, for lack of a better way to put it....more

5 Sweet Treats for Kids With a Healthy Twist

Have your kids come down off their Halloween or Christmas, Valentines Day or Easter . . sugar high yet? It seems we are always either approaching or recovering from a holiday celebration that involves mini chocolate bars, candy hearts, candy canes or jelly beans! No wonder our kids are always searching for something sweet to eat.In an effort to keep our pre bedtime snacks and our sweet treats both healthy and tasty enough for the kids to enjoy, I have come up with a list of desserts and treats that are yummy and still ‘healthy mom’ approved....more

DIY Christmas Gift Idea: Have Your Toddler Make These Fun Canvas Snowmen

When it comes to Christmas, I LOVE doing homemade decor and gifts with the little guy. And I think it teaches him something that goes far beyond the commercialized version of Christmas. So when I find fun ideas that we can create on our own, I try to channel my inner-Martha Stewart and take advantage of the fact that we can’t go outside right now. Because…snow. And cold....more

I Love Finding Random Photos

So today, Ricky and I wrapped up a super fun (and adorable!) Christmas decor (or DIY Christmas gift) project that was an absolute blast. And when I started uploading the photos during naptime, I realized that it has been a looooong time since I’ve actually uploaded anything from our fancy camera. I guess that the wonders of Instagram made me lazy.But today, my friends, is your day. Because today is the day that I share with you the wonders of what I found....more

12 Ways I’m Making Christmas Totally Magical for My Two Year Old

As Ricky gets older and really understands what “Christmas” means, I’ve found myself getting really into the Christmas spirit. Decorating, gift planning and most of all: SANTA PLANNING.This is really the first year that Ricky gets who Santa is. Although he did yell at me when I told him we were decorating for Jesus’s birthday to tell me that all the decorations were his.It’s the whole “mine” syndrome. He’s definitely my kid....more

A Boy and His Dog

Ricky and Bruno – a boy and his dog.The two of them have this brotherly companionship that I can’t seem to put my finger on. Sometimes, if Bruno tries to give him kisses or gets on ‘his’ couch, Ricky becomes a bear.“No no no, Bruno! Mine! My couch! Get off my couch!”But sometimes, they end up like this. And it’s this little piece of bliss in my heart that makes me want to cuddle up with them...See photos at The Mommyhood Project...more

Christmas Wish List: The Beauty Addict

Shopping for Christmas can sometimes be an insane chore. I mean, finding the right gift for the every person on your list can be totally overwhelming and just take so much time and effort. So to help you out, I’ve created the only gift guides you’ll need this season – you’ll check just about everyone off your list pretty quickly! First up: Gifts for the Beauty Addict.Lorac Royal Eye Shadow Collection...more