Have You Entered BogHer Voices Yet?

The Blogher Voices competition is going on right now. I just thought I'd inform you, in case you didn't know. I sure didn't. I blame it on the fact that I go through life in a bit of a writerly (is that a word) fog. That sometimes happens when you write fiction. You're so busy working out things in a made-up world that you forget about what's going on in the world around you....more

Is It Ever Too Late for Christmas Socks?

@Denise I went to school briefly outside of Chicago and it is cooooold there. I had to wear all ...more

Seven Years of Wedded Bliss

My husband and I have been married for seven blissful years today. The time passed so quickly I have a hard time believing that it's been seven years already. There is one thing that I've meant to do during the time we were married that I just haven't managed to get around to yet ... learn to spell anniversary. See there, I just misspelled it and had to correct it. You'd think that after having seven of them I'd know how to spell the word by now. Well, I just don't. There's no excuse for this failure except laziness. That seems to be a theme in my life....more

The Best Invention

There have been a lot of great inventions in this world -- the automobile, the airplane, the lightbulb, the toilet. You know you think the toilet ranks up there with the top inventions too. All of these inventions have made modern society  ... modern.There is one invention that is often overlooked that has changed the world. Most people don't think about it or even bother to use it despite the fact that it could revolutionalize their lives....more

Oh Olive

Olives make life better. They're great in a salad, a tagine, pasta sauce, and a taco. They even make good oil.That's why I was thrilled to be part of an olive tasting focus group. I'd taste olives all day long if that were possible. It should've have been a breeze--taste olives, get paid, go home. With me nothing is never that simple though....more

The Bad Old Days

Some people really really liked high school. I've met some of those people live and in person, but I just don't understand them. If someone tells me that they liked high school it's like telling me that they enjoy being burned on their genitals with hot coals. Wait ... is that a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey. Granted some people really like being burned with hot coals, but I'm not one of those people.For me high school was a seemingly endless exercise in torture. I'm not being overly dramatic at all. Words can't even begin to explain how much I hated it....more

The House Sitter

Do you need someone to watch your house while you're on vacation. If you don't mind coming home to a few broken items, I'm the perfect house sitter for you. Some of my friends and family are willing to take the chance these days. I have house sitting gigs lined up. Maybe this could be a job. Anyway, find out about my latest adventures in house sitting here.Life is all sunshine and sausages with The Mooch.NebulousMooch.com...more

Rise and Shine

When I was in college I knew someone who knew someone who was trying to widdle is required sleep time down to three hours because he read somewhere that geniuses only needed three hours sleep. Appartently there are people who do this and there are guides that set out to help you train yourself to need only three hours sleep....more

Animal Ambassadors

If anyone asks, I always say I'm not an animal person. Animals have teeth and can't talk. How scary is that! I'd much rather spend my time with someone who I'm not afraid will bite my hand off.Even though I've been attacked by dogs, cats, geese and palmetto bugs in the past there are some animals that still hold a special place in my heart. This is dedicated to all the animal ambassadors in my life. Life is all sunshine and sausages with The Mooch....more


So I'm not a doctor or anything, fortunately. I don't think I could've survived the one million years of school becoming a doctor requires. I also don't do well with sickness or the smell of medical facilities. Not having a medical degree doesn't stop me from playing doctor at home though.I'm the queen of natural remedies and herbal concoctions. One natural remedy that really does work for our family is extra virgin coconut oil as a sunscreen. We live in Florida now so if it works for us it must really work....more