Nicole Porter

Hi! I’m Nicole and my blog, Treasure Tromp, is all about documenting the... read more

Nicole Porter


Hi! I’m Nicole and my blog, Treasure Tromp, is all about documenting the treasures of life, one adventure at a time. I'm a California girl through and through: originally from Sonoma, the heart of wine country and then made the move south to Orange and Los Angeles counties in 2005. Forever a student, I’m currently working on my PhD in Psychology. I got bit by the travel bug a few years ago and can't seem to put my passport down. In addition to travel, I write about organization advice, blogging tips, and the art of treating yourself. 

In June of 2013 I moved to South Africa. Cape Town was my home through the new year before I returned back to California in January. 

♥ I love a good adventure … and meticulously planning a good adventure ♥ Sometime after college I fell in love with hiking and camping. That probably had a lot to do with falling in love with a certain guy. ♥ I'm engaged to the most amazing man. How I convinced him to fall in love with me is still a mystery. Planning a wedding from the other side of the world is a fun little adventure. ♥ Have you seen the cuteness that is the hedgehog? I have seen the light and there is no going back! ♥ I was always will be a sorority girl (Alpha Gamma Delta love). For the record, we don't 'buy our friends'. Promise. ♥ My ideal day includes sitting in my hammock with a glass of wine, good book and listening to Bon Iver ♥ That being said, I strongly believe that Britney Spears is a musical genius. Genius. ♥ I like to pretend that I know how to cook and be crafty. I can't and I'm not. ♥ Words of wisdom: Never pass up an opportunity for sushi, oysters, microbrew or good wine. Care to join me? Grab a glass of wine, relax & let’s be friends. If you're new around here I suggest starting with some of my favorite posts or the facts of me.