Happy New Year, Fatty!

What My Fakebook Status Says: I Love reading all of the Happy New Year Facebook Status Updates, and looking at everyone’s pictures from their New Year’s Eve parties!What I really mean: Happy New Year to all of you, too! Now shut the hell up already about resolutions and long lines at your gym!Read this gem of a status update posted by one of my Facebook Friends:  ...more

Happy Anniversary, Fakebook Style!

My Fakebook Status:  Happy Anniversary to my soul mate, my rock, my reason for living.These past 17 years have been wonderful, and every morning I wake up next to you, I have to pinch myself to be sure that I’m really awake and not still dreaming.  When you look at me, I still get that giddy feeling and butterflies in my stomach like the glorious day we met.  ...more

Facebooking a/k/a "Fakebooking!"

You know the type.  People on Facebook who constantly update their status, or fill you in on other things  that you couldn't care less about in their lives.  I call them "Fakebookers."  Here are the top 5 types of Fakebookers that literally drive me so crazy, there are times when sucking on a Zoloft still doesn't calm me down.  Enjoy....more