Two Years : Experience, Strength, Hope

You are a beautiful, shining example of recovery, Megan. Thank you for standing up and helping ...more

An Easy, Fun Way to Create Family Goals

Thus entered Family Goal Night! Trent is a huge fan of goals and goal-measurement, so he was thrilled I was finally on-board with the idea of “family goals.” We both did research on the best ways to present and create goals as a family and as individuals. Then we scheduled a night for us all to work on the project as a family. We all went to our local craft store and picked up poster board, a million stickers, glitter glue, and anything else that got the kids excited to work on this project....more
blogaboutitall Thank you! We love it, and it helps keep us on our toes. The kids will remind me ...more

Crazybananas Vlog - Blogger Burnout

It may have taken a little time, but the second Crazybananas Vlog is here! Hooray! Today I’m talking all about Blogger Burnout, a topic I know very well. I have been blogging for 10 years, and like everything in life, my blogging has gone in cycles. At one point I was posting daily, now it’s more like once a week. I used to use editorial calendars and did lots of sponsored posts, now blogging is more organic for me....more

Gratitude, Silliness, and the Lessening of Obscene Hand Gestures

A few months ago I joined a gratitude group. Yes, I know it’s all a little woo woo, but for this recovering cynic, staying positive can be pretty hard work. So when I heard some friends were starting a group all about thankfulness, I was totally in....more

The Secret

I was tagged by a friend for a gratitude challenge on Facebook, and while I know I’m supposed to list out things I’m grateful for today, I don’t know how to limit myself to only a few. My life is so full, so silly wonderful, narrowing it down would be impossible....more

Thirty Plus One

Read more about Megan and her crazy life over at Thanks for being here and supporting women writers! ...more

Rumination’s on Being a Second Grader

I remember second grade so very well. It was the year things changed for me. Until that year I’d been “normal.” A little odd and silly, perhaps, but a girl with a lot of friends and a happy little life. I was a lot like my little Lulu is now, sunny and funny and sweet. But in second grade my parents decided to move me to a private religious school in order for my brother, who had some learning issues, to get more attention than they thought he’d get at a public school....more

Re-Entering the Not So Real World

It’s August 1st, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll be honest, this year, for my annual July hiatus (aka Digital Sabbatical), I took this thing pretty darn seriously....more

On Happiness, Calm and Being Myself

Read more about Megan and her crazy life over at Thanks for being here and supporting women writers! ...more