Tips to Keep You Running!

Welcome to the final week of the Inspiration to Fitness Track to 5k! Our weekly plans stop here but your fun has just begun. Your 5k run is this weekend, but more importantly you're a stronger version of yourself. Running can teach skills like commitment, goal setting, endurance and confidence that you can carry to all aspects of your life....more
great tips!! its always great to change up the scenery!   http://www.runonorganic.wordpress.commore

Let's Mix it up!

Congratulations on sweating through speeding it up last week in the Inspiration to Fitness Track to 5k. Our 5k run is two weeks away. Are you feeling prepared? Excited? Nervous? A little of all three? Perfect. :) ...more

Let's Speed it UP!

Hello, rockstars! Welcome to Inspiration to Fitness Track to 5k! I hope you are reading this feeling like a strong, vibrant, healthy athlete! ...more
Burpees are my nemesis! But for you I will do them ;)more

Halfway There: Keep It Simple!

Welcome to week four of the Inspiration to Fitness Track to 5k! You have officially entered the halfway mark (though hopefully you're planning on continuing this running journey for much longer). By now you've completed about nine runs and six strength workouts. Carrying groceries, chasing kids and taking the stairs should leave you feeling more fabulous than famished....more

Tools for your Active Lifestyle

Can you believe it's already week three in the Inspiration to Fitness Track to 5k? Congratulations on all the progress you've been making! I imagine you have extra pep in your step as you run toward your goals. ...more

Road to 5K Week 3

Welcome to week two in the Inspiration to Fitness 5k track! How did your first week go? What are you most proud of and what are you excited to work on this week? Be proud of yourself for what you've accomplished so far and for the opportunities you've opened for yourself in week two....more

Road to 5K: First Week of Training

Welcome to our first week of training in the Inspiration to Fitness 5K track! Excitement mixed with a little nervousness is natural at the start of any training program. But congratulations—you’re taking the first step to a healthier, stronger, more balanced you! Running a 5k is just a bonus! Many runners agree that running is 90 percent mental. Negative thoughts and a lack of motivation can take down even the best runner. Here are a few tips to get and stay motivated:...more
In the first week of training in the Inspiration to Fitness 5K track there is excitement mixed ...more

The Simple Track to Your 5K

Welcome to the Road to 5K, part of BlogHer's Inspiration to Fitness program! Hi, I'm Ashley and I blog at where I chronicle my life as a vegan runner, yogi, CrossFitter and triathlete. Fitness excites me and reminds me I’m alive. I became a certified personal trainer to inspire others with their fitness goals and am looking forward to earning my CrossFit Endurance certification next month!...more
During my exercise I'm just using my iPod to track how many kilometers and approximately how ...more