Caramel Custard - Bite Into Bliss

Also known as Flan, caramel custard is truly an amazing dessert. The light brown and smooth custard with the brown caramel glaze on top is a sight for the eyes to behold. Caramel custard is one of the simplest desserts to make and will add lots of oomph to your dinner experience. ...more

Dum Alu - When Humble Potato Meets Royalty

The Potato Story The humble Potato finds its roots in its Spanish equivalent - Patata. Consumed in kilos every year (statistics say that on an average a person consumes 103 kgs of Potatoes every year), this spud is one ingredient that forms a part of a poor man's meal as well as a rich man's menu. No wonder United Nations had named 2008 as theInternational Year of Potato. Here are a few more interesting facts about this gentle spud ...more

Khichdi - Quick Indian Lentil Rice

In my previous post on Rice Pudding I highlighted a few facts from Asia about rice like an average Asian eats about 150 kilos of rice annually compared to an average European who consumes just 5 kilos. Check the post to read more such interesting facts. No matter what the facts say, it is true that Rice is a versatile ingredient. ...more