Motherhood Is No Excuse: Why I Don't Want a Uterus-Appointed Pass Card

All month I’ve not only dropped the ball, but put it in the freezer, forgot about it, then accused the neighbor of stealing it. Here is just a brief recap of my mishaps, although I’m sure I’m forgetting one....more
Just because your SIL never TOLD you she hit herself in the head with a pyrex dish, doesn't mean ...more

Self-Promotion Ain't Easy: Spending Money to Market Yourself

How much do you market your blog? Do you pay to do it? Should you? When? Next week at BlogHer ‘12, Alli Worthingon, Sara W. Caron, Lyz Lenz (that’s me) and Paula Gregorowicz are hosting a panel called "When It's Time to Spend Money to Market Your Work.” We’ll focus on deciding when and how to invest in marketing yourself as a blogger, but we also wanted to know more about what you’re already doing, paid and unpaid – and why. ...more
not enough and too much, LOLmore