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I am a wellness coach & yoga instructor in gorgeous Marin County, California. My greatest joy is shaking up people’s lives for the benefit of their own health and happiness. Including my own! 

More about me: I live with my husband Garret in paradise where we love to get up early, drink espresso from tiny cups, watch the sunrise while we tune into some Jack Johnson and boot up our laptops for some co-working action in our jammies. Then we head off to our day jobs to keep from looking scraggly.

We both work hard, but we love every second of it. Chris Guillebeau was right when he said “Personally, I like work. I believe in a 168-hour workweek that is filled with activities I love. A few hours of sleep can be thrown in if necessary.” I totally subscribe to this philosophy. I used to think that I wanted to work less. It turns out what I really want is to work more. I want to work on things I am passionate about. I want to fulfill a calling in my life. I want to serve others, volunteer, be the change I wish to see in the world. I believe all that! And I have the ability to do all of it! How amazing is that?

The amazing thing is that we all have this choice. We live in a world where we can have many dreams at once. I get to say, “I’m a marketing executive, wellness coach, yoga instructor, & youth minister.” And I love this! My life is full, but well lived. I am so grateful for this life and all the opportunities it affords us.

Other things I love: Sweaty yoga, wine-stained teeth, sticky grass between my toes, leisurely trail runs,  playing the harp, designing dresses, speaking French, espresso served in tiny cups, Young Life, random acts of kindness, gorgeous California, & my wonderful family and friends.