Proposal: A Reality Competition Show for Bloggers

I feel I should start by stating that I am not a fan of reality TV. Well, except So You Think You Can Dance because I LOVE watching the dancers. I would love to be a dancer - they are so strong and graceful and beautiful. I love how they can tell a story with their movements. But I will never be a dancer. Not of their caliber anyway. I am too old and it would take years for me to get in that kind of physical shape. So that ship sailed long (long!) ago....more
Even though it would be sort of a popularity contest, audience members would still follow the ... more

What's Wrong with Olympics' Coverage of Female Athletes

Originally published in On The Issues Magazine.Growing up in the '70s, I loved watching the Olympics. I sat mesmerized through performances from exciting athletes like Nadia Comaneci. I became engrossed in learning about the athlete's back-stories and personal journeys to the Games....more
Great article! I love the Olympics, but never really paid attention to how differently male and ... more