Dress code?

So much to think about as my first Blog Her conference approaches. During a business meeting this morning, I found my mind wandering. Do I wear heels and a skirt? Flats and capris? Carry my laptop in my messanger bag or use my laptop bag with wheels? Funny how my mind works sometimes!Any tips?I look forward to meeting you all.Debbie 

Brand Loyalty

My coffee pot broke today.Thank goodness it was after I had already had a few cups. I was just gently cleaning it – I swear and bam a little circle of glass popped out!I think back to high school where I learned about Installed obsolescence – I think I really mean “Planned obsolescence” but really – Why the Heck did my coffee pot break?!...more
 @BrettMartin Things break but have a bad taste in my mouth and it's not the coffee. more

New Sponsor Announcements For BlogHer '12

We have so many amazing new sponsors for BlogHer '12 that we want to share with you! Our annual conference wouldn't be possible without these awesome sponsors. Read on to hear a little bit from this week's new sponsors....more
This is great! more