Dress Up Your Resume and Attract the Lingering Eye

Your resume has to sell in 6 seconds.That’s the amount of time Ladders, the online job placement service, reports that recruiters spend with your resume.  I don’t know how they reached that conclusion, but it sounds about right for the “average” recruiter.If it’s six seconds, sixty seconds or six minutes, you don’t have a lot of time to grab the attention of recruiters—whether stellar or average.  ...more

Smart Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

Over the years I’ve seen a few eyebrow-raising “fastest growing industry” and “best jobs for women” lists pointing women toward jobs fewer of their kin pursue. How frustrating to be on the hunt for a marketing or finance job, for example, and see that there was a better chance of driving trucks, building power lines and maintaining roads. In a recent Time magazine article, however, there’s a “Where the Jobs Will Be” list (in a July 23, 2012 article, “Not Having it All”), which makes a lot more sense. ...more

The Missing Link

You’re networking among friends, family, acquaintances, professionals in your industry and all your former colleagues.  You’re on Linkedin and you attend frequent networking meetings, too.  It may seem that you have all your job search networking bases covered, but you might not....more