Simply Helping Him


I am a stay at home, homeschooling, crunchy, Christian wife, and mother of two wonderful blessings. My hubby is a self employed fisherman, and a Mainah through and through, thus we live in Maine.

I was born in the Great State of Texas and I miss it terribly! Raised a Navy Brat, I’ve seen and traveled up and down the east coast. It was through the US Navy, that we arrived in Maine and I met my hubby in 2003. 

This year my hubby and I will celebrate 7 years of marriage, solely by the grace of God. How blessed we truly are each and every day on this path He has allowed us to travel. 

I love to write! I love to talk, though for some reason when I do about things of importance, something gets lost when I speak. Thus I blog! I pray that God will use the words He places on my heart, my life experiences ~ both the good and the bad ~ to encourage other women in the race that God has set before them! 

I thrive on music, coffee, sweet tea, hot tea, reading and gardening in my “spare” time!