Tales of Ordinary Magic

Hello, my name is Emily. Welcome to Tales of Ordinary Magic. This blog arose out... read more

Tales of Ordinary Magic


Hello, my name is Emily. Welcome to Tales of Ordinary Magic. This blog arose out of my personal experience of transformation, and the understanding that regardless of what we’ve done in the past, we all possess the magic that’s essential to create the life of our dreams. That’s why it’s ordinary! : )


By my late twenties, despite having many outward signs of “success,” I found myself escaping reality with excessive partying, riddled with recurrent health problems, addicted to sleeping aids, apathetic about engaging in any creative pursuits, and exhausted from trying to uphold the image of my so-called perfect life. While I knew that these external things were providing me with little real fulfillment, I honestly didn’t know there was any other way. I connected with a powerful healer who challenged me to confront the many life-long illusions. As my consciousness began to expand, I shed my desire to check out with drugs and alcohol and healed my recurrent health problems without medicines. The more I aligned with truth, I watched in amazement as the passionate creator that had been hiding inside me sprung forth, prompting me to learn to play guitar, write music and sing, to paint, create short stories and take up jazz dancing. 


This blog is dedicated to the truth I see, the inspiration I feel, and to connecting with others who are interested the transformative powers we all have within us. These days I can be found with my husband, Jamison and our dog Disco, in Silver Lake, Ca, where we have created a peaceful home full of art, music and laughter.