Lolo Jones, Dawn Harper, Kellie Wells: Controversy or Media Hype?

I do not normally get involved in other peoples' drama but with the past couple days filled with tweets, articles, and television interviews about Dawn Harper, Kellie Wells, and Lolo Jones, I have been encouraged to say my "piece". Let me also just give you some credentials that I feel validate my commentary. Until Tuesday I was the Olympic record holder in the 100 hurdles. I have also fallen over the 9th hurdle in a World Championship Final....more
The mainstream media won’t have to attempt to frame Harper and Wells as jealous women who resent ...more

On the Eve Before the Olympic Trials: I Win Because...

(Editor's Note: Joanna Hayes is the 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist in the 100 Meter Hurdles. After an injury took her out of the 2008 Olympic Trials, she retired from the sport. Since then she's pursued a successful coaching career and given birth to a daughter named Zoe. This is the latest post chronicling her comeback ~js)...more