Chanukah Isn't Christmas: How TV Gets It Wrong (Almost) Every Time

Chanukah is not Christmas.I realize that, on the surface, that distinction should seem rather self-evident (what with the whole Jewish/Christian being entire different religions thing).But sadly, the difference has not been honored on television. ...more
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A Letter to My Niece: You Can Be Whatever You Want to Be

Dear Athena, ...more
A real Savvy Auntie! Loved this post. more

I'm an Aunt! Now What Kind of Aunt Am I Going to Be?

My husband's sister had her first baby last week, making my husband a first time uncle and, of course, me a first time aunt. An aunt! I've always wanted to be an aunt! As I held him in my arms and looked at his head full of hair, I imagined the days yet to come. Our sons are now cousins for the first time as well, and I could almost hear the future laughter of three little boy cousins, chasing frogs and shooting each other with sticks. I don't know who this little boy will be when he grows up, but I knew that I loved him as purely and as wholly as I love my little boys. But I was left wondering what kind of aunt I will be....more
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