Are Yoga Pants Any Worse Than Skinny Jeans? And Should We Be Policing Either One?

Perhaps some of you have heard about the controversial article author Veronica Partridge wrote regarding thewearing of yoga pants in public? Turns out her husband has an issue with it.  I guess he got fed up with men staring at his wife and women in general.  As a result he asked his wife to fold up the pants and not wear them in public settings ...more
Isn't it silly? As if what we wear controls the mind of a man. That said, I'm of the thinking ... more

It's going to get complicated, soon

There is some non-compliance going on with the decree at the moment, and I am mulling over the options.  Do I escalate and go to court and keep our boundaries firm?  I’m definitely one to say “choose your battles,” whether it involves a toddler or preschooler about to have a tantrum over a lollipop, or an elementary school student having a fit about homework or eating vegetables or what have you.  ...more
Hi Jane, i think you handled that conversation really well! Hugs and prayers going out for you! more

What Vaginal Steam Baths Are Really Like: An OB/GYN Weighs In

You gotta love Gwyneth Paltrow. She's always so ahead of the curve when it comes to things like cooking. And conscious uncoupling. And parenting. And vaginal steam baths. ...more
I was looking for a more scientific point of view here. Too many "who knows?" statements for me. more

Preparing to Say Goodbye to the Bravermans and 'Parenthood'

My dear, kind and loving fans of Parenthood. I'm worried about us all. Are you okay after the "We Made It Through the Night" episode? Have you stopped weeping yet? Here, just sit still on this luncheonette stool for a moment, dry your eyes with this Braverman plaid shirt, and let's address the tender, beautiful, about-to-collapse souffle in the room. There's only one show left. ...more
I missed part of the last episode but I'll tune in for the finale. I've been following the ... more

Top 10 Blogging Tips for Beginners

I'm excited to finally get this post written! I frequently get emails asking for advice on starting a blog, and I always wish I had the time to respond with a really helpful answer, more than just a paragraph. Now I can direct readers to this post. There's obviously a lot more I can learn about blogging, but I definitely have a few thoughts I can share. One of these days I'll do a post about blogging beyond the basics. Until then... ...more
Fabulous post and tips, Mariel! Thanks for these reminders. more

Happy New Year, 2015!

Well, no time like the present to start the new year off with a blast.  ...more
Sounds like a lot of excitement, Jane! Sorry DD2 is injured. My daughter climbed a fence at ... more

6 Blog Design Mistakes You Need to Check If You're Doing

Blogging is, or should be like, having a conversation. There is give and take, and the environment where the conversation is happening should be warm and welcoming. Not loud and distracting. While your blog and website design should reflect who you are and what your blog or business is about, it is important to remember that you are also designing for your potential readers and clients. People you hope to build a relationship with. Here are 6 of the most common blog design mistakes I see around the Web, and the advice I give to my clients who make those mistakes. ...more
These are great, Elaine! Getting rid of ads that aren't making any money? I need to do that :) I ... more

Which Keepsakes Help You Hold On To Family Memories

When my husband’s favorite aunt had to be moved into a facility for Alzheimer’s patients, we went to her apartment to rummage through the mire of her life. Being quite the stylin’ professional, she had closets packed with clothes, shoes, coats and bags, as well as a fine collection of antique furniture. There were also loads of books and photos and a dining table overflowing with bills, papers and handwritten notes to herself—to remember the things she knew she’d forget. ...more
Tears. I have tears stinging my eyes when I read this. I don't have much handed down as far as ... more

10 Cool WordPress Plugins You Probably Aren't Using (But Should)

One of the many great things about running a WordPress blog is the ability to extend its functionality with plugins. Today I'm sharing a list of 10 cool WordPress plugins that I personally use and love that you may not have known exist. ...more
thanks for these suggestions! I usually google to find a plug in to solve a problem but I don't ... more

Stop Fixating on HIM and Focus on YOU!

Let me tell you a bit about one of my clients, I’ll call her Molly.Molly came to see me towards the end of 2009. She’d been divorced for six years and in all that time hadn’t stopped obsessing about what her ex-husband was up to. In the beginning, she would talk about only one thing…...more
Great advice, Adele! It's so important to take care of ourselves during this stress of divorce. ... more