What Does Friendship Mean To You?

What makes someone a real pal? I mean, sure, there's a death in your friend's family, you show up for the funeral. She gets married, you go to the wedding. She gets sick, you show up for the sick part. (As long as said friend is not barfing. In the event of barf, I will leave something lovely at the door, but you will not see me till you're not germy. Sorry. It's a phobia.) I know all that, and I also know not everybody gets even those basics right. One guy turned down the invitation to my wedding because, as he put it, "Really, what fun am I going to have at your wedding?" ...more
Love this. yes, if the person is worth it, honesty is golden. Being there is really important ... more

Summer Fashion Horror Show: 5 Trends That Are Making Me Scream

Some trends—like flirty sundresses or leopard-print anything—immediately become beloved wardrobe staples. But each season also has its own special horror show of trends that cause physical discomfort or epic wardrobe malfunctions: say, six-inch heels, super-skinny jeans, or tiny Daisy Dukes. ...more
yes, to all of these horrific summer trends. And why oh why must we see the crop top again? At ... more

My Rabbi Found My Vibrator!

OK. Ladies, I may have some bad news. While it's usually OK to screw your brains out when you're pregnant, using a vibrator may be a little more risky. It's like this: No matter how incredible and mind-blowing your partner may be in bed (or in the backseat of a car, or in the shower, or on a pool table), orgasms from a vibrator are ... well, more electrifying. ...more
Hilarious!! "... why yes, it does appear to be circumcised" I'm in tears of laughter. more

Taking Selfies After My Divorce Helped Me Figure Out Who I Wanted To Be

Once my divorce was final, I became increasingly more active on social media. Along with taking more risks with what I was willing to share, I changed my profile picture for the first time in years. Fun! Now that I didn’t have to fit anyone else’s vision but my own, I could play with which pictures....more
Loved this! Narcissists and selfies really aren't connected. I've done quite a bit of research ... more

3 Reasons to Not "Give Your Husband More Sex"

I saw a graphic on Pinterest recently titled "8 Reasons to Give Your Husband More Sex.” In it, the author discussed the ways that sex benefits women, including improved health, reduced stress, and a stronger marriage, and made the case that regular sex in marriage is good for wives.  I don't disagree with that.  As a matter of fact, I strongly agree with it.  Despite that, the graphic really bothered me.  And it still bothers me whenever I think about it....more
Love this message! Thanks for the reinforcement, Gaye. We should be embracing our sexuality, not ... more

5 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Filing for Divorce

There are so many things that I wish I'd known before filing for divorce.I would have saved time, money and heartache (maybe even some of my sanity) if I'd known these pointers before filing.  If you are filing for divorce, please, oh Lord please, pay attention to these 5 things and be prepared....more
Ah, YES to all of those things! Great post, I've tweeted and pinned the lovely image that says ... more

10 Ways to Make Your Blog a Welcoming Space

My friend, Cassie, is huge on fostering a sense of community on her blog, and I love that about her. Her approach to encouraging community got me to thinking. How can I make my blog a space where readers want to return to and at the same time, how can I make readers feel welcomed and valued? Today I thought I would share with you 10 ways to make your blog a welcoming space. ...more
Very nice tips! I especially take heart in #10. I agree and yet I read all over the net that we ... more

Considering Divorce: When Do You Know You've Had Enough?

I was eleven years old when I was invited to an elderly neighbor’s house for tea.  My mother dressed me in the nicest outfit I had for the occasion and made sure I knew enough etiquette to get through the event without embarrassing myself (or her). As she buttoned the collar of my crisp white shirt I asked her, “How do I tell Mrs. Kinsey if I don’t want any more tea?My mother smiled and smoothed the ribbon in my hair.  “Honey, when you don’t want any more, just lay your hand gently over your cup and tell her you’ve had enough.”...more
Great post, MsMontie! I have been through this as well and I knew exactly when it was time to ... more

6 Lies Stay-at-Home Moms Tell Themselves

I've heard it all before: stay-at-home moms with endless excuses, reasonings, logic and lies that we tell ourselves (and other people) of how and why we are the exceptions to many social norms. "I'm too busy as a SAHM to be able to do that during the day." "People should understand because I'm a SAHM." "Well, that's easy for her to do because she's not a SAHM." Ladies, it's all bull. It really is. ...more
Fabulous reminders! You are right in every single one. more

5 Things You Need to Know About Having a One-Night Stand

If you'd never have a one-night stand or think there is something morally corrupt about having sex with someone and never speaking to them again, this might not be the post for you.If you've had one-night stands before, or if you're considering working them into your sexual repertoire, I would like to offer some ideas on how you can make the most out of them. You can have a safe, enjoyable one-night stand; you just need to go about it in a way that applies some best practices....more
Well, I went and watched Beyonce's video...wowsa! Great tips, Feminista. I've actually never had ... more