Why My Blog Is Breaking Up With Pinterest

Blogging can be such a fickle mistress. One day you are sailing along on cloud nine, your page views are up and you are beating off new subscribers with a stick. And then something happens and your whole blogging world falls apart. Your page views plummet, and it feels like you will never get traction again. And as you stand in the rubble, looking around, you find yourself asking, "What the hell happened, and how did I end up here?" Something changed and everything you thought you knew now seems wrong. For me, that something was Pinterest. ...more
Great post. Very informative and I understand the frustration with Pinterest. This is kind of a ... more

Kids Report from the 2016 White House Kids' State Dinner

Editor's Note: Just as they did in 2013, 2014, and 2015, my children once again served as reporters for this year's White House Kids' State Dinner. It was a wonderful day of new recipes, excited faces, and healthy recipes! -- Mel ...more
Fabulous! thanks for sharing this sweet story Melissa. I've seen the President's photographs ... more

5 Ways to Maintain Your Professional Boundaries Online (Even When You're Mad)

A few weeks ago, I created a new mantra for myself. It went something like this:...more
I love this. Great tips. I know that exact feeling of wanting to add my 2 cents but then ... more

What I Learned from 12 Years of Blogging

Old school? Me? Yes. Twelve years ago, a former student told me that I should start a blog. "You've got such a lot to say about the world," he said. "Who cares what I think about the world?" I replied. "Lots of people would," he said. Image: Andy Wright via Flickr via Creative Commons license ...more
Very inspiring and nice to meet you. 12 years is a long time and a major commitment but ... more

Is It Always a Good Idea to Use Hashtags on Social Media?

Locowise did a study last year that looked at best practices for the use of hashtags. The study examined how brands use hashtags in their posts, how many hashtags they use, and what the engagement rate is depending on number of hashtags used. Three months of data from Instagram and Twitter were examined. The engagement rate is defined as the percentage of total followers who either click on like or comment (or retweet on Twitter) on each post. ...more
Too many hashtags can look desperate LOL. A few are kind of fun because they can add humor or ... more

Why It's OK to Be Fat & Wear Shorts

I have been fat every day of my life since I was born. I'm not just talking a few pounds overweight. I'm talking - I gained a pound in the hospital when I was born - fat. For real. And I've always been ok with being fat. I've never allowed the fact that my body has more fat than the average bear (or person) stop me from doing what I've wanted to do....more
Love this!! "Confidence is like a muscle that has to be stretched and worked out." Thanks for ... more

There's No Shame In My Game For Shopping Forever 21 at 33

I see bright lights, loud music, young ladies and bright funky clothes. I'm not at a night club or even a strip club for that matter, but I'm at Forever 21. It was once a Mecca, a staple store for fun attire in my early 20’s. I would travel 25 minutes to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg IL to wonder around this retail amusement park for hours. It was here where I found my hot Saturday night out top, a sexy little dress for clubbing or a designer rip off bag for whenever. I’d walk away with a full bag of clothes and I would only spend a night’s worth of tips....more
Enjoy! At 34, you can still wear anything you want from wherever! I find at 51, I'm starting to ... more

18 Places To Publish Your Writing About Divorce

If you write about divorce, here are 18 places to consider submitting/publishing your essays, stories, and informational posts.If submission guidelines do not mention payment, markets have been identified below as [UNPAID]. Those that do address payment in submission guidelines have been marked  [PAID]....more
Great suggestions, Pecked2death. I have written for some of these sites and a regular ... more

Is There Such a Thing as Oversharing?

I learned the hard way to be careful about what I write. Although it pains me to have to censor the thoughts and words that I decide to put online, it is clearly evident that there can be a wildfire of consequences that follow online venting. Within minutes of publishing a blog post that I titled, Ripping Mad, I began to get immediate feedback. It mostly came in the form of texts, messages and emails asking if I was okay, but it was soon followed by family members who thought the post was about them. I was told that the post upset them, they wanted to know if they did something wrong and asked what was going on. What started as a need to process a personal situation that I was dealing with, turned into my having to console some people that I love and care about because they were feeling offended. ...more
Amen. As an over sharer myself, I can totally relate to this. Thank you. more

8 Things Bloggers Wish Non-Bloggers Knew

Time away from my friends. Energy just to make sure I shared the post on every single marketing platform. Emotions like excitement from a post well received, sadness from rejection on contributor opportunities, joy from hitting a new milestone, anger from troll-like comments. Love for knowing I was connecting with people and possibly helping them. To be honest the hardest part has been the amount of time blogging takes. While I believe it's worth it, it was a huge adjustment. ...more
How hard it is starting out and how you feel like you're talking to no one. Every little bit of ... more