Naming Our First Born

I can't remember the exact moment me and my husband Jason decided we wanted the sex of our first child to be a surprise. With friends and family heavily weighing in about our decision, I do remember feeling great relief though that we both felt so strongly about it. To my friends' and family's credit they were simply surprised that I wanted to be surprised. After all, I still shake the presents under the Christmas tree with my name on them!...more

Miscarriage For Family Or Facebook?

I always say I joined Facebook at the perfect time in my life. It was December 2007, I was about to turn 30 and I was engaged to be married. Not the least bit salacious. If Facebook had been around when I was a teenager, I'd fear for my future. Let's just say that restraint wasn't one of my strong suits in high school and neither was discretion. Besides incriminating photos of me doing a keg stand or a bong hit, I would have been just the kind of girl to have a very public breakup on my wall....more

Teaching Manners To Children Other Than Your Own

Growing up, manners were no small joke in our household. Lessons learned that I used to find embarrassing I am grateful for today. I was taught to not only say hello to the parent of a friend I was calling on the telephone but announce who I was. Friends who called me on the phone and gave the usual, "Is Reedu there?" were answered by my mom with a "Yes," and a dial tone....more
I would greatly appreciate it if the village helped me to teach good manners to my children. If ...more

Switching From an OB/GYN to a Midwife

Me and my husband Jason didn't know a whole lot about the birthing process when we got pregnant. So when we found out we were expecting, at about five weeks along, I looked up local OB/GYN's in our Brooklyn neighborhood. I wasn't working at the time so finding a local doctor close to my home was important to me. I found and met Dr. Scott Postell, an attending at Long Island College Hospital, which was a five minute walk from our apartment....more

Learning To Say "No"

I would imagine I'm not alone in thinking there's not a whole lot of the word "no" being directed at newborn babies. But who knows, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there are some moms out there who lay down the law about wrong and right behavior from the get-go. I mean, we do that with puppies, don't we? My son Mylo is almost 6 months old and he is beginning to do things that require the word "no" become more common place in my vocabulary and yet I am finding that word difficult to say....more

Today Moms Blogger Mayim Bialik On Labels

After reading the new Today Moms Bloggers’ first post, while there is some stuff Mayim Bialik writes that I agree with, I felt the need to respond to some of the more objectionable comments she makes. First off, she starts out by saying she doesn’t like labels but then proceeds to label herself throughout the blog post. She dubs herself an attachment parent and goes out of her way to alienate her readers on her very first introduction to them. And that’s coming from an attachment parent! ...more
I enjoyed reading your piece.  Every mom needs to evaluate her needs and that of her family and ...more

NYC Tightens Leash on Dog Laws

It's high time for two new dog laws in New York City. Last week the City Council approved two bills aimed at protecting animals.The council was nearly unanimous in voting against the tethering of animals for more than three consecutive hours in any continuous 12-hour period. Doing so would result in a written warning or a fine of up to $250 for first-time offenders. Repeat offenders could face a $500 fine and a few months behind bars....more

Easy Pregnancy, Long Labor

We were fortunate and got pregnant quickly, and easily. Despite a few migraine-like headaches, the first trimester went well. The second trimester was a real pleasure and the third only became challenging because this past summer in New York temperatures exceeded 90+ degrees almost every day. If I were to sum it up though, I would have to say that it was the most magical nine months of my life....more

I just had my youngest a year ago. I wanted to have a natural labor with little intervention. ...more

NYC Summer Night Series With A Cause

CityMommy, Elahi Yoga and ReziClass are hosting four spectacular events in New York City this summer for moms and moms-to-be. Not only will a portion of the proceeds be donated to YAI Network, but they won’t cost anything to attend! They’re FREE!...more

NYC Carriage Horse Rescued From Slaughter

Throughout the year tourists from around the world travel to New York City and are drawn to the horse-drawn carriage rides around Central Park... they say it's whimsical. But with that whimsy comes a huge price to pay....more