Will It Be Harder to Vote This Year Where You Live?

Michelle Obama debuted a new initiative to get out the vote today, against a backdrop of changes and challenges to voter registration and election law, many of which make it more difficult to get new voters counted this election. ...more
I'd like to know how any of you think that requiring ID suppresses the "minority" vote?  I ... more

As Tough As Long Division? Is Lands' End the New Mattel?

Twenty years after Mattel debuted the ill-fated Teen Talk Barbie, Lands' End continues to tell girls that math is hard... for girls. Teen Talk Barbie, you may recall, is the talking Barbie who said, among other things, "Math class is tough!" Backlash led Mattel to essentially recall the dolls a mere four months after they hit the market. In 2011, J.C. Penney came out with a shirt that said, "I'm too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me." That same year, Forever 21 came out with a shirt that said, "Allergic to Algebra." So why is Lands' End perpetuating the message to girls that math is hard?...more
Ok, I have to disagree with most of you on this one.  I honestly think that this is a ridiculous ... more