The Proper Mistress

The day Jesse James' affair with Michelle McGee hit the news, I got a phone call from my father, who was uncharacteristically beside himself about the news. He adores Sandra Bullock, but his beef wasn't with James' audacity to cheat on the award-winning actress with perfect girl-next-door charm – it was with James' complete lack of judgment in choosing a proper mistress and executing a clean extramarital affair. ...more
This article saddens me.  As a clinical psychologist and sex therapist, I work with men and ... more

Did You Marry A Cheater? Or, 4 Ways to Tell A Study Is Baloney

Sure, this is a survey of 7,000 respondents, looking at engagement month and cheating. But does it mean that people getting engaged in February, December, and June are going to face a cheating spouse? It's time we looked at this thing with a skeptical eye. And this study has a lot to tell us. In particular, it's got all of the rules that allow you to determine whether the study you're looking at is total baloney. ...more
Fabulous article!  As a sex therapist and clinical psychologist, I too am concerned about the ... more

No Matter How Long It's Been, Never Stop Dating

Going on fun dates is extremely important, whether it's a first date, a date with your girlfriend or boyfriend, or you're engaged, or even married. Even if you're old as the hills, it doesn't matter. Go on dates. Why is it so important to go on fun dates? It keeps the spark alive, provides entertainment and SHOWS the other person you want to spend your time with them. ...more
Such sweet advice!  As a sex therapist and clinical psychologist, I regularly see how easy it is ... more