Lysabeth Luansing-Garcia


I'm a wife and mom of two boys, a former teacher turned high school counselor, who maintains her sanity by losing herself in the diversions of daily life!

I've lived most of my life in America's Finest City: San Diego, CA. I've traveled a bit and I can say, San Diego IS the finest city in the world!

My life's work is in education. As a high school counselor, I'm able to help young people achieve their dreams!

I love my role as a Mommy - my three boys (the two I gave birth two and the one I married) are the loves of my life. Not a day goes by that my two little boys remind me of the blessings of life in their laughter, their humor, and their handsome smiles!

My welcomed diversions:
I enjoy traveling, mostly day trips now that we have two little ones. Crafting, cooking, and blogging is one of my greatest diversions to distract me from the stresses of life. Spending time with my friends and family remind me of how blessed I am to be to share my life with wonderful people!