Do You Ignore Early Red Flags When Dating?

I'm going to save you a shitload of time in your dating adventures. In order to  benefit from this sage advice, you must really listen-- to me, to the other person you're dating, and most importantly to yourself.Let me introduce you to what I affectionately call the "Future Predictive Moment" (aka FPM). It will change your life, I promise....more
So true! I was dating the second time around and not having any luck finding good guys. Then I ... more

I Left BlogHer '13 Feeling Like a Loser, but Maybe I'm Just on My Own Path

I left BlogHer '13 feeling like a loser. This was not the fault of the hardworking women who organized and led the event. BlogHer is the world's largest blogging conference for women and I felt quite privileged to have had the opportunity to travel to Chicago for this year's event, which was held July 25-27. The breakout sessions were informative and to call the keynote speakers inspiring would be an understatement. I was in awe of the confidence of Ree Drummond (better known as the Pioneer Woman) and can't count how many times she made me laugh out loud. ...more
Javacia look at these comments! You've got so much support here and you clearly aren't the only ... more

Announcing: Birds of a Feather Lunch on Friday at BlogHer '13

BlogHer is just over a week away (GULP) and we know that your excitement is about as strong as your nerves right now. Meeting your online friends and collegaues IRL is both amazing and terrifying, and we'd like to help you get get by with a little help from your friends....more
Would Geek bloggers also be considered Tech bloggers? more

I Don't Want To Get Married... Deal With It!

“Who doesn’t want to get married?”...more
I have been married twice and I can tell you that the two marriages were two completely ... more vs

Hello,I would love to know if anyone can help me better understand the differnce between the two wordpress sites. I currently have and I feel limited to what I can do. I am new to the blogging world and wanted to get advice between the two and how easy/difficult it is to switch. Thanks!Vanessa

Blogging Boundaries: This Part of My Life is Now Off-Limits

Heather and Jon Armstrong made a divorce announcement yesterday on the heels of their separation announcement last spring. The identical posts on their blogs, Dooce and Blurbomat, both had comments closed, and both clearly outlined how they hoped their news would be treated by their readers. ...more
Our lives change, develop and grow and our blogs change with them. A blogger should never feel ... more

Why I Hate The Elf On The Shelf

I'm not happy about this post. I love mocking ridiculous things, but I feel most comfortable poking fun at stuff I like. Things like my college football team, my kids' quirks, my brother's ability to get free stuff from anyone he meets, and how my mom identifies herself by name when she leaves me a message. "Oh, hi Amy. This is your mom. Susan." My favorite target is myself. But today I turn my disdain outward, to a society that complains about consumerism and too many commitments, but spends $30 dollars for the privilege of managing the "magic" of a cheaply made stuffed elf during the busiest month of the year....more
I have a handmade version of elf on the shelf and he sleeps with my three-year-old! Much less ... more

BlogHer '13 Twitter and Blog ROLL CALL!

So you're going to BlogHer '13? Awesome! Get to know your fellow conference goers by jumping on the thread below and sharing your Twitter handle and/or blog URL. You can follow others, tweet your conference plans, and get to know your fellow attendees before arriving in Chicago. Mingle away!

Should I Give My Boyfriend a Marriage Ultimatum?

Whenever I talk to my boyfriend about planning our future life together his answer is always the same: "You know that I love you and we already share money, an apartment, and (formerly) a car so what more do you need?" I need progress. Should I give him a marriage ultimatum? ...more
Based on the additional info in the comments, this isn't about if you should get married. If he ... more