I just inhaled a very large bowl of chicago mix popcorn and finished off with yogurt for dessert. I should feel guilty but I don't...

I just inhaled a very large bowl of chicago mix popcorn and finished off with yogurt for dessert. I should feel guilty but I don't... ...more
Darcie, thank you so much for the comment on my post! It made my day. I tried to answer it, but ... more

The Promises We Make Our Bodies

We have been through so much together, you and me. In my much younger days, you were perkier and less lumpy. A fitting end to my giraffe-like legs that were also free of lumps and bumps, veins and baggy parts. In college, you were made for 501's and not much else. I could eat and eat, once cramming in 11 pizza burgers in the college cafeteria, and you wouldn't change a bit. ...more
I've struggled with body image my whole life. If there's an American woman out there who is ... more

Adventures in Baking

So if you’ve been following the Magnet on Twitter, Facebook, or this blog for any period of time, then you know that I’ve had my fair share of cooking and baking drama. Actually, in the early days of this blog, I wasn’t really cooking or baking at all. But I have started baking, and one thing I’ve learned about baking is that it is very different from cooking. Baking is more of a science and cooking is more of an art. Baking is more specific....more
You're a funny person. more

I don’t know a whole lot in life, but I know this much.

1) Apparently, you should get your air conditioner serviced every year and change the filter in your air conditioner every month. Because if you don’t, it might quit working.2) If you buy a box fan and run it on the highest level, don’t lie directly in the path of its air flow for an extended period of time. Because it might make your eyes water and then subsequently make them ridiculously dry....more
Who in God's name ever told us this shit about air conditioners? NOBODY. Nobody did. Just sayin.' more

5 Things That I Totally Did NOT Do This Week

1) I totally did NOT sit at my desk at work and turn up an almost empty bag of Cheetos to make sure I got all the crumbs, miss my mouth COMPLETELY, and pour the crumbs all down the front of my dress and in other orifices that weren’t my mouth. Have you ever gotten Cheetos in your eye? Not fun. But oh yeah, no, I definitely did not do this. And I especially didn’t do it right as my boss walked by my office. ...more
Never once have I checked my blog stats and discovered that the only new view was my own. EVER. ... more

Midlife and Tattoos: Why I Ink

No, I am not barreling at the speed of light toward a midlife crisis, I'd like to squash that idea right now.Yes, I realize that at 40-something many people are removing their tattoos not getting them.No, I am not desperately clinging to my youth by pretending to be edgy and cool - I'm ALREADY edgy and cool, just ask my kids and then ignore their snorts and eye-rolling. Yes, I may possibly be out of my mind, but the crazy is what keeps y'all coming back for more so I'm  unleashing a whirling dervish of it here in today's post. You're welcome....more
I love that you're already edgy and cool. Tattoo or not, I fear I'll never get there. Great post! more

Is There Anything Funny about Death? 24 Writers Say Absolutely!

During the eighteen months before my mother's death, I remained at her side. We had a complicated relationship—true of so many mothers and daughters—and she didn't appreciate my daily reminders regarding her medications, her need to walk, the importance of eating. Mom was a visual artist, ardent reader, and political junkie; she didn't go in for idle chatter. As for sharing thoughts or feelings about her illness? Forget it.   ...more
I wish I'd known about this!! I wrote a humorous story about when I was a hospice social ... more

The Photo-Challenged Husband

If there is one thing we love around here, it's a straight humor post. This hilarious rant on the void of spousal photography skills quickly became our favorite. Do yourself a big favor and enjoy the full post, including some truly terrible shots of this long-suffering wife: ...more
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