Check Out Kathy Strahs's New Cookbook + More!

Kathy Strahs, who writes Panini Happy, is now self-publishing a new cookbook, The 8x8 Cookbook. ...more
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Five New Year's Eve Style Inspirations

Please don’t tell me that you are planning to spend another New Year’s Eve wrapped up under your blankets with your furry friend Snookums by your side. Between the economy, divisive elections, and national tragedies, there is no denying that 2012 was a super difficult year (well, at least it was for me.)  But we made it! How about we end this year and start the new one off right by celebrating our successes, perseverance, and resilience by getting up, getting out, and doing something? ...more
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The Thankful Tree

One of my favorite quotes is from John Adams, who wrote, "I long for the rural and domestic scene, for the warbling of birds and the prattling of my children." ...more
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