What all bloggers and social media users should know

If you are a blogger, a social media user — frequently, infrequently, or an addict — you need to know something extremely serious.And there isn’t an easy way to say it, so I’ll just tell you straight out.Here it is:What you say in one Facebook post, Twitter update, Instagram text picture, or blog post can change someone’s life — for the best or unfortunately, for the ultimate worse....more
@Debbie Doglady The number of people we can influence via social media is outstanding. Thanks ... more

Should You Put Your Personal Blog on Your Résumé?

Sharing your personal blog within your professional environment can improve or destroy your career. It all depends on the jobs you’re applying for, your blog and you. Here, I’ll go over some of the pros and cons of putting your blog on your résumé. Yes! Your blog is awesome, and it might help you land a job. Telling potential employers about your blog can have its benefits, especially if you maintain a well-written, prominent blog that is relevant to your desired industry. ...more
 @Robin Carpenter I feel the same way. My blog is religious and even our online magazine has ... more

Announcing Information About BlogHer ’12 Badges!

Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges. (Blazing Saddles, anyone?) Oh wait. Did you mean BlogHer ’12 badges? Ok, yes, you totally do need *those* badges.So you’ve already purchased your ticket to BlogHer ’12? Fabulous. Have you been anxiously waiting by your mailbox for your ticket to arrive? Well, wait no longer. ...more
 @rosiekuhl LaGuardia airport is.    Source: Native New Yorker more

Find Your Flock: Birds of a Feather at BlogHer '12

Whether you go in seeking bloggers who write about the same things you do, or you decide to crash someone else's table because you realize it's time to make new friends or you find the courage to host your own niche table, we invite you to join us on Saturday AM for the 2012 Birds of a Feather breakfast. You'll have had all day Friday to meet and mingle, and on Saturday, you'll be able to meet up with your flock-of-choice, enjoy breakfast together, and maybe make plans for the rest of the conference day, or Sunday on the town in New York....more
Faith bloggers. Are there any? I'd love to get in touch with you. Feel welcomed to tweet me: ... more