Let Him Hurt Me: The Cold Hard Reality Of 50 Shades Sex

50 Shades is back in the news with a movie trailer release . Ironic, however, that just a few weeks ago, a real life 'Grey' character, Jian Ghomeshi, was also in the news. A celebrated Canadian broadcaster fired after allegations that he took a few pages out of the book and practiced on more than one girl unwilling to play Anastasia....more

Whose Magazine Is It Anyway? Take the test and see whether you can figure it out....

Which of these tantalizing headlines came from a women's magazine and which of them came from one for men?...more

WWYD? Have Four Letters Have Made the Oversharing OK?

"Oh my gosh!!!!!  My [boyfriend/friend/husband/parent/child/I] just did this [insert gruesome incident here] WWYD?"Well obviously the first thing I would do is post it on Facebook... In all seriousness, have we reached a point at which 'What Would You Do' has become a way to legitimately overshare... I mean, if someone is asking for advice then surely its OK?????...more
Well said, I could not agree more!more

The Dating Experiment: Putting Method Into The Madness of Dating

The TV show Married at First Sight is really nothing more than a reflection, albeit sensationalized, of the abject misery of the current dating scene and our desire to do something, anything, to make it better. In today's society, it is not at all surprising to me that 60 psychologically healthy people would sign up to be married to a stranger....more

Don't Sell The Cow? How The 21st Century Offers Women A Better Take On Sex

"Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" … ever heard this phrase before? Its often trotted out to explain why today's 21st century guy is less likely to get married. It  not a lie - the promise of intimacy is a powerful  incentive however, it is pretty irrelevant in modern society....more

Is That The Best We Can Do: MTV Proven to be Effective Birth Control for Teens But Why??

The study is out and a very respected and conservative research group has proved that there is a correlation between MTV's show '16 and Pregnant' and a significant drop in teen pregnancy! I'm floored…....more