So I Posted Photos of My Kid Online and This is Where They Ended Up

And somewhere along the way, strangers started tuning in. Which was cool. I started to make connections with people going through the same struggles I was. This blogging thing was SO! SO! FUN! Now, I wasn't totally naive. I knew there were weirdos trolling the internet. And I've never hit POST without first considering what I was putting out there for the world to see. No last names, no nudity, no addresses or specifics. ...more
Oh my gosh. Thank you for the wake up call and the tips. At least there are a few things we can ... more

The Sacrifices Moms Make: Someday We'll Have Nice Things Again

We all started from the same place. We needed that little bundle of joy to make our family feel whole. All we could think about was stylish nursery decor, adorable baby clothes, tiny newborn diapers and that pink lotions that is, in fact, the epitome of baby smell. This baby will teach us what unconditional love is all about. She will make us better people. All we need is this precious child and our life will be perfect. Perfect indeed, until she ruins everything that you own....more
Love this! Makes me feel a little bit better about the carpet stains, the unintentionally ... more

Am I the Only Mom Who Wishes for a Best Friend?

My negative thoughts as a result were things like, "I have no friends," and "No one cares about my life," and "I wish my sister lived closer because she is the only one that gets me." But, I find myself feeling lonely. And sad. Moms need friends too, right? Or am I the only one? I have always been a people person. I have always had "an easy time making friends" as my Mom would say to me all the time growing up. But, here I am. 35-years-old. 3 kids. A good husband. A stable life. And, all I want is a close friend. ...more
I miss that 'best friend' dynamic so much! Growing up, I always seemed to have one or two best ... more

Get Off Your iPhone at the Amusement Park, Parents!

Em had the most fun in the amusement park’s little water park areas, where water spurted up from the ground at random intervals, and sprayed out of other apparatus in sudden bursts. She ran around, getting soaking wet, clapping her hands and dancing. I love seeing my daughter totally overwhelmed with happiness. There is just nothing like it. It was a great time, really. But I have to get something off my chest. Something that really bugged me. On multiple occasions, throughout the park, I saw parents of children choosing to immerse themselves in their iPhones or Blackberries, rather than concentrating on having fun with their kids....more
The part about the little boy and his mom being so into her phone that she didn't even notice ... more