Project 365 - Farewell to Summer

Summer may be winding down according to the calendar, but we've still had lots of warm days here in the Midwest.  Thank goodness, because my two are loving every minute of life outdoors....more

Where We Can More Clearly See

I think we might all agree that this summer has been particularly lovely.  Though we've had relatively cool temperatures, the days have still been warm enough for us to enjoy the finer things of the season.A delicious meal on the patio.(And yes, we definitely consider the occasional hot dog off the grill a delicious meal.)...more

Blogging Detour...or Destination

I've been blogging and writing and otherwise dancing the fine line between the two for almost six years now.Six years.That's longer than I've held any one title (besides daughter, sister or wife) in my life.  I taught school for 5 years, and I've only been "mommy" for 3 (four if you could the belly year)....more

Two Years through My Lens

A lot can change in two years.From the budding of communication with its grunts and points and attempts and words,to the full blossoming of conversation....more

Mother's Day: Why It's Not About Me

I have an expectation problem. A big one. A few times a year, as special holidays approach (and by "special" I mean the ones that are supposed to be about me) I start to imagine all the ways I will be honored and surprised and showered with gifts. I imagine the parade, I anticipate the pampering and the pedicure, and I contemplate how I will have my eggs prepared for my breakfast in bed. So perhaps it is no surprise that I am usually disappointed. ...more
Love your perspective! It made me rethink my own.... :)more

10 Essentials for Surviving Infertility

Why this Spring Might Just be the For-Frozen-Ever

It's been a long winter, friends.  A looooong, frozen winter.  One for the record books.  And, as if by the unfolding of some divine comedy, this extreme polar-vortex-in-the-Midwest winter has lined up perfectly with my time as a stay-at-home mom.  With three-year-olds.Two of them....more

After World Vision: Why I Hesitate to Call Myself a Christian

The events of the week, with World Vision announcing it will hire people in same-sex marriages and then reversing its decision, make me want to identify myself as something other than "Christian"....more
PixieDustSaving  Just a quick clarification...but being gay is a characteristic of a person and ...more

5 Must-Read Posts on the World Vision Controversy

Bloggers have a lot to say about the Christian organization World Vision's announcement that they will hire employees in same-sex marriages....more
HolliinIl Thank you. If I were writing today, I wouldn't have so much grace. Know what I mean?more

Spring Longings

{Photo from Holli Long on Instagram.}...more