Why is Virginity still for Sale in Cambodia?

 We recently spent a week in Siem Reap, learning that virginity is for sale in Cambodia.Meet Chet Mon – Her mother sold her virginity to a foreign businessman when she was 12 years old....more

How to get your kids to love Art Museums! No Really!

You know we have traveled all over the world and one of the biggest challenges for everyone with kids is getting them to be excited and even interested in seeing the amazing things the world has to offer....more

How to get Your Kids to Love Sightseeing!

You know I am a mom of two rambunctious boys.  So many people have asked me ...How did you get them to enjoy sightseeing so much? We have been lucky enough to visit 20 countries in the last 5 years, and they actually enjoyed it,  remember it, and even learned a thing or two! Imagine that!  ...more

Ten Things to Help you avoid Travel Disasters!

I think everyone loves to travel! However, no one loves travel delays, missed connections, or lost luggage! We are avid travelers and have come up with ten things we always do to prepare for the worst! ...more

Key Lime Pie Martini ~ The best way to Start the New Year!

Happy New Years Eve! I love the holidays ~ and I'm super excited this year, because we came home for Christmas! Whenever I land in the Keys my first stop .... YES my first stop is the Liquor Store to pick up some Keke Key Lime Liquor! Man oh Man do I love this stuff! It's key lime sweet, creamy, and Watch out it has a kick! They go down easy like your having key lime pie ~ so watch out if you drink too many you could find yourself sleeping on the beach!  I rim the glass in graham crackers and top it off with Vodka infused Key Lime Whipped cream! Oh Yeah!...more

Visit Casa Mila, Barcelona, Spain

Casa Mila or La Pedrera, the beautiful building built by Gaudi - is located at ...Provença, 261-265, 08008 Barcelona....more

Potatos Cured Our Cough during the Holidays

Hello everyone, how are you this Holiday Season! You know the worst thing that can happen, is to get sick when traveling, during the holidays! Sometimes, traveling around all those people spreads germs faster than you can run.  Since I am getting on a plane in the morning, I thought I would share my potato cure with those of you who also might be traveling! My youngest son was always sick when he was small ~ he has asthma, and his colds would always turn into pneumonia.  We must have spent 100 nights in the children’s emergency room....more

How to Travel like a VIP on a Budget

Amazing Affordable TravelWhat is this an oxymoron? How can travel be affordable? Well, thank you for asking!  I am a mom of two and a wife of a seriously Frugal Man, to put it politely! Yet, we have been all over the world, Prague, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, and Greece to name a few! My friends always ask me "Geez, how do you all afford to travel like that?"...more

Gangsta Pumpkin Latte ~

Oh No she didn't just tell me they were out of Pumpkin Latte ~ I might lose my mind!I am a huge Starbucks Fan and avid travel cup collector! Sadly, living in Europe we are limited on what flavors we get here compared to back home!One of my FAVORITE coffee's at Starbucks in the Pumpkin Latte! OH MI GOSH I was so happy when I heard it had come to Germany this year! I will drive a million miles for one of these and oh yes I will pay 5Euros for it!...more
Denise I also found you on Twitter and I am following! Basketslife! Stacey ~more

The Monkey Peed on My Son ~ A Day in Gibralter

Driving into Gibraltar ~Hi Everyone Thanks for stopping by! Last summer we spent a few months in Spain....more