Reviewing Jamberry Wraps

Am I the only one who has suddenly been swamped in Facebook posts and ads about Jamberry wraps? It seems like EVERYONE is having a Jamberry party and even though I’m not really a fingernail polish kind of girl, I started to get curious....more

Finding Shorts I Don't Hate

I think I hate shorts shopping even more than swimsuit shopping.I know, I know. That’s QUITE a statement because nobody likes swimsuit shopping…but every time I try to find a new pair of shorts it seems like my two choices are either super long or super short. If I find a pair that looks okay, there will inevitably be a gap in the back of the waist or that fun little surprise when you sit down and your thigh is doing its own special version of a muffin top....more

Let's Talk About Buns, Hun

Now that the weather is warming up and Maryland is getting steamy, I’m always searching for ways to keep my hair back without looking like I just crawled out of bed. Last year, my ‘go to’ look was to clip my bangs back with a barrette and do a French braid that fell over my shoulder. This year, my hair is a little shorter – due to a major chop session last fall – so my French braid is kind of stumpy and sad.Which brings us to buns, hun....more

My May Stitch Fix: Feeling like Summertime!

One of the Maryland-y things about Maryland is that spring lasts for a split second before summer stomps its way in with a fun mix of heat and humidity.Since summer slows down at my work, it’s a great time to escape and spend some time down at the beach with my family. I’m already counting down the days to our first week away! So yeah, go ahead and listen to this song while you’re reading today’s post.With that in mind, here’s the note I sent to my stylist for this month’s Fix:...more
Denise Thanks Denise! I'm getting mixed reviews on top #3 on my FB page and blog... but everyone ...more

Feeling like a Bombshell: My $24 Retro-Style Swimsuit Find

I’m not really sure when the switch happened, but I went from being a bikini girl to a one-piece girl.Actually, I’m pretty sure the switch had to do with the fact that I’m 37 years old, my belly isn’t as flat as it was 10 years ago, AND I prefer not to show everyone my kibbles and bits as I’m chasing my wild kid around the beach.Yeah, that probably has something to do with it....more

How to Restyle a Dress Using What's Already in Your Closet

How many times have you bought a dress, wore it one way, and then replayed that exact same look every time you pulled the dress out of your closet? Once you find a look you like, it's so easy to get stuck in a styling rut! However, with just a little effort, you can find a whole bunch of new looks just by looking in your closet. First off, let's start with a solid-colored dress: ...more
dianetkh Interesting, thanks for the suggestion!more


I admit that I am the type of person who tends to close my eyes and cover my ears when bad things are happening in the news. I use the excuse that I simply cannot worry about another thing on top of everything I’m already juggling with life. But the truth is, I close my eyes because I can’t help but obsess over the terrible things in the world.Now it’s happening in my backyard and I can’t ignore it....more

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Hello Fresh

Recently, I tried a food/recipe delivery service called Hello Fresh. You pay a fee to have three recipes' worth of food delivered straight to your house. We love it because the recipes are easy to follow, they give me something different to add to my dinner rotation, and it's a fun way to try something new without the commitment of wandering through the grocery store looking for ingredients I've never used before....more

Are you Still Mad about Lilly?

As many of you know – or have heard since the weekend – the Lilly for Target collaboration was a shitstorm. And yes, that is the technical term.Grown women apparently acted like linebackers going into the store, grabbing cartloads of merchandise and then hiding out in aisles to barter for the good stuff. Target online was overrun and totally shut down around 3am. And from what I can tell, the majority of people who really wanted to buy something were left empty handed and disappointed....more

My April Stitch Fix and GIVEAWAY!

Happy Stitch Fix Day! It’s like Rex Manning Day, but with even more cheesy smiles and awkward dancing.With the return of spring weather, I’ve been drooling over floral prints, swing skirts and girlie dresses. You know, when I’m not wearing a black t-shirt with my skinny jeans. Of course. So, I was hoping for another box like last month’s winner… which is why I asked my stylist for more of the same!Did she deliver? Check it out!...more
Love the dress!more