This post was almost named “Nobody Shits on Spiderman” so I made this snazzy little meme. I don’t know why it makes me laugh so hard to imagine this image as the cover of a coming-of-age novel about the perils of potty training. ...more

My July Stitch Fix: Lucky #22?

It’s Stitch Fix time again and as always, I can’t wait to share what I received in my box. After last month’s fantastic buy-it-all Fix and some Anthropologie tag sale shopping, I’m actually doing kind of okay on clothes for now. However, I LOVE receiving my monthly Fixes so I went ahead and kept my July Fix on the schedule.Here was my stylist note for this Fix:...more
I actually think you looked pretty hot in that skirt, but if you didn't feel comfortable in it ...more

Reviewing the FabFitFun Summer Box

Do you guys remember how much I loved subscription boxes? I tried so many of them over the years – Citrus Lane, Brit Kit, Darby Smart, Birchbox, Fair Ivy, Graze, Fabletics, Blue Apron, MissionCute, and more. And, of course, I’m still going strong with Stitch Fix, Wantable and Hello Fresh. So, when I received a deal to try the FabFitFun box for $25 off, it was a no brainer!...more

My July Wantable Fitness Edit

Now that I’m running more to prepare for my Team Relay Marathon, I’m realizing that I don’t like a lot of my running clothes. There is nothing more annoying than starting a run and realizing that the pants you threw on actually fall down every third step, so you have to keep yanking them back up over your butt.Believe me, I have PLENTY of excuses not to run… I don’t need running clothes helping me with any!...more
Karen Ballum Yes, the top would be fantastic for yoga! Or, you know, couch surfing while ...more

A Talbots Try-On Session

Let me start by saying that I’ve never shopped at Talbots before. However, I was recently talking to someone who was raving about the store and she told me that I just had to check them out. According to her, they were positioning themselves for a younger market and she always had luck finding work clothes there.Okay, challenge accepted!Before I entered the store, here were my preconceptions of Talbot’s aesthetic: Super preppy, expensive, kind of dowdy with modest necklines, and appropriate for the 60+ group.So, did they prove me wrong? Well, not really....more

My June Stitch Fix: A Buy-it-All Fix?

I can’t believe that July is right around the corner and I’m just now getting my June Stitch Fix delivery. It would have been a bit earlier, but we decided to skip town and spend last week at the beach. Totally worth it… and I got the added bonus to coming home to a box of clothes!{If you are interested in checking out all of my Fix reviews, you can click here. This Fix is #21… so I’m kind of a fan!}...more
Yes, buy it all!more

What to Wear to 5 Types of Weddings

Wedding season is here—which means you're probably trying to decipher dress codes like "black tie beach chic with sparkles" while looking into your closet and staring down that outfit that you pretty much wear to EVERY event. I've come up with cute ideas for you to wear to five different types of weddings. ...more
lindasblogs LOL, I love it when someone tells you the dress code and it makes you MORE confused! ...more

Four Years of BlogHer Conferences & Planning for BlogHer15

This year marks my fourth BlogHer conference in a row, but I’m just as excited as I was before my very first conference. The nice thing about being a more ‘seasoned’ BlogHer conference attendee is that I no longer freak out as much about what to wear and what to expect....more
Thank you as always for providing great insight no matter how experienced/inexperienced you are. ...more

Tasting Magnolia Ice Cream

Remember when my friend sent me a ton of Tasti-Lee tomatoes to taste? {Spoiler alert: they were SO good!} Well, a few weeks ago she mentioned that she’d love to send me some Magnolia ice cream to try.Ummm… YES, please!In order to keep from eating all of it myself (still working on my fitness over here), I decided to invite some friends over to try it out with me....more

What I'll Be Wearing at #BlogHer15

I can't believe it, but I will be attending my FOURTH BlogHer conference this year! Of course four years of attending one of my favorite conferences, means that I've written a lot of posts about the experiences—including What I Wish I'd Known Before my First Conference and My Whole 2014 Experience Shoved into One Post. ...more
lindasblogs I usually try to plan my daytime outfit as if I might not get a chance to change. ...more