Cooking Dinner Was Not In My Marriage Vows

My husband and I have been together 20 years now (married 19 years this summer). The other night I asked him how he knew I loved him. A simple question, right?His reply: “I know you love me because you make supper every night for our family, even though you hate it.”WORD....more
What would happen if you cooked grilled cheese, eggs, cereal, and noodles for your family? With ... more

I Asked 6 Guys To Dinner and They All Said No

When I started my blog, I saw myself as Carrie Bradshaw. Reality check: I'm Bridget Jones.If a semi-attractive girl with a fun job, sparkling personality, and killer (or so I’m told) smile, asked you to be her date for a five-course wine pairing dinner at a “fancy” restaurant, what would you say?The answer wasn’t what I hoped…to say the least....more
What's to say? You are clearly not "semi-attractive"? Several of those interactions don't ... more

Screen Time Isn't Ruining My Child So Stop Telling Me That It Is

I am growing very weary of the current onslaught of hysterical, anti-technology rhetoric. If I were to buy in to all the hype I’ve been reading lately, I’d be convinced I’d ruined my child.Instead, I recognize there are exceptions to every rule. I know from firsthand experience there are benefits to today’s technology. And above all, I trust my own instincts about my child and in my ability to make decisions that are best for her....more
It is so wonderful that your daughter was able to access therapies that helped her! However, it ... more

In Work/Life Balance, Where Is the Balance Between Parents and Non-Parents?

This past February, my furnace went kaput. One day, it was a nice 68 degrees—downright tropical during the winter's Polar Vortex. The next day, I could have sworn I saw my breath. After a few moments of panic and mentally preparing myself to freeze to death in my sleep—alone, childless, forever single—I was able to do the adult thing and schedule a repair. Someone would be headed to my home the following afternoon. I paused briefly upon realizing that I'd need to be home in the middle of the workday … but this was an emergency. ...more
Um, the difference is, a child is a person. The parents you work with? They ALSO have broken ... more

I Don't Care if You Like it: I'm Going to Keep Showing Happy Pictures of My Family on the Internet

I post a few pictures like this one every day on Instagram and Facebook. I am one of those. One of those moms with a penchant for digital documentation. I am a constant chronicler. My family’s curator of all our good and happy times. But every so often I’ll see an article come through my newsfeed that dismisses my happy picture-taking-posting-to-social media-hobby. Or worse, one that condemns the happy sharing. It’s bad for my kids. It’s annoying. It’s a way to get blocked, hidden, un-friended, un-followed. It’s wrong in general. ...more
Your kids are beautiful and your photos are, too! I don't think most people "hate on happiness." ... more

DIY BBQ? Who Travels with a Grill?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,Recently I've noticed a disturbing trend with my friends and acquaintances. They invite me to a party at their home, but ask me to bring my own drinks, chairs, cups, snacks and meat....more
Um, are these people your FRIENDS? If so, "tacky" shouldn't really enter into it. Would it be ... more

Dear "Nice Guy," You May Not Be As Nice As You Think You Are

Dear "Nice Guy", Hi! Yes, I see you there. You've made a point of being around me, and like lots of nice guys I've known through the years, you're interested in being more than just the nice guy who's hanging around me. Maybe you've watched me dating guys who are, in your opinion, vastly inferior in what they can offer me compared to you. Maybe I've been dumped, heartbroken, even possibly abused by guys like that, and there you are, so nice, so perfect for me if I'd only open my eyes and see it, waiting in the wings for me to notice you. ...more
I don't know, this post seems like you want to have it both ways. You justify panting after the ... more

Why I Don't Think Guns Kill People

Last week, tragedy struck Santa Barbara County as a deranged young man named Elliot Rodger went on a shooting spree, leaving six innocent people dead and 13 others wounded. Again, many are asking why. Again, many are shocked, stunned and left with unanswered questions. ...more
What makes guns different is that they are glamorized. They are glamorized in games, movies, and ... more

I Don't Care About the Delta Breastfeeding Scandal: I Know My Rights

I'm sure by now you've heard about Delta's recent breastfeeding debacle in which a breastfeeding mother asked via Twitter about the airline's policy. She was informed she must cover or feed a bottle. I knew right away no such policy exists and that it was just an under-educated customer service rep misspeaking. ...more
I agree, of course, parents need to put their babies needs first, so breastfeeding is just a ... more

Single Mom Budget Crisis

Month after month, it goes like this:...more
Funny, I am married, work full time, and can STILL relate-- oh, except there's no child or ... more