How I Let My Boys Play: Physical Play Is Not Wrong

She saw danger. She saw inappropriate behavior. She saw sticks pointed and park mulch flying at faces. She saw equipment being played with "the wrong way." Worst of all, she saw a mother on a cell phone not interceding. So she huffed up to me. I put down my cell phone. "They are playing with those really big sticks and throwing them at each other's faces," she announced. I asked, standing up, "Is the boy they are playing with your son? Would you like us to go talk to them?" ...more
Heaven help the world in the future if only the "gentle" people survive. Life is rough, hard, ... more

Why My Seven-Year-Old Doesn't Make a List for Santa

It's that time, again. Christmas time. It's the time of the year when other parents and kids start introducing my children to the proverbial Santa's gift list. Of course, my kids don't know what anyone is talking about, because my kids do not write out a wish list for Santa. Once or twice my son asked me about it, and I just told him that he does not need to ask Santa for gifts -- Santa is all-knowing and aware of what all kids like. ...more
I enjoyed your thoughts and wanted to share how our family handles this. Many years ago, when ... more